Reflection Rowell

Coach Casy Rowell sits on the floor of the State Fair Arena after the Indians took home the 3A State Championship this past winter.

After the Comanche Indians wrestling team came off an historic season, assistant coach Casy Rowell has taken over the head coaching job from his father-in-law Jason Miller.

Miller hasn’t kept much of a secret about wanting to retire from the Comanche Wrestling position, but made the decision to go ahead and hand it over to Rowell at this time because the program is in good shape.

Rowell, who joined Comanche as an assistant a few years ago, is now the Indians head football coach and wrestling coach and is honored to take over the program from Miller.

“I feel really honored and blessed to be able to coach at Comanche and take over the wresting program,” Rowell said. “Jason (Miller) is my father-in-law so it’s a family job for us and I want to carry on that tradition and that legacy he helped build moving forward. Before Jason was there, Coach Tom Brack was there and Coach Tom Brack was my high school coach at Duncan so there is a connection there between all of us and so being able to coach at Comanche, I feel like I’m getting to coach with some of the best coaches and getting to follow the best coaches of all time.”

Comanche Indians Wrestling comes off a 2019-2020 season during which they won the Class 3A Dual State Wrestling Title and the Class 3A State Championship as a team title.

Rowell, along with Miller, said they are confident with the younger wrestlers coming up and with the training Rowell received from Miller, he thinks momentum will be on their side.

“We have a lot great, young guys right now and in wrestling, it takes more than one person to win a team title,” Rowell said.  “And this young group I feel is very underrated by how talented they are and they showed that last year with how they performed at regionals and even some of them at state. That group getting the taste of how it feels to be on the top, I feel like they will use that momentum to help move forward and to continue to get better and continue to expect high results for our team.”

Now having both the football and wrestling jobs, Rowell said he loves the position he is in and thinks both jobs will go hand-in-hand in helping understand the kids at Comanche even more.

“The football job is important because I am able to reach a lot of different type of athletes and using that, it helps me to get to know these guys,” Rowell said. “When they see that we are going into wrestling next season and they know we got a good team you got guys that say, ‘hey I want to try that.’ Being able to bridge that gap between wrestling and football I think is a big part of why we won state in wrestling this year, but I also believe that is a big part in why we made it to playoffs in football last year and I try to be careful in football because I don’t want to come off like I’m only interested in football players that wrestle. I think football is a unique sport because you need baseball players, basketball players, you need wrestlers and you need everyone there to help that sport. It is a great thing for me as a coach because, like I said, the biggest benefit is being able to reach different type of athletes.”

Rowell said he thanks Miller and all of the assistant coaches for helping him make the program the way it is. He said he is excited to keep the momentum high for the team.

“Wrestling is my passion and coaching is my passion and this is something I have looked forward to my whole life,” Rowell said. “I feel prepared and I’m really excited for it and I’m ready to work hard. We have got great kids and we had a great group last year that is irreplaceable and I will miss those guys. Coach Miller is irreplaceable and I will miss him but he will still be right next door to me . I am really thankful and I’m hoping that we can continue the momentum that we have been building the last few seasons.”

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