Facility markup

The facilities will including inside hitting cages and the ability to draw the nets away to take fielding practice and will have a turf grass.

Duncan Baseball and Softball is watching the third base coach and rounding the final turn in raising money for the new indoor facility for both teams.

The booster clubs for both Duncan baseball and softball went to the May 2018 school board meeting where Jack Gregston, president of the Duncan Demons Baseball booster club made his pitch.

Gregston said the last few months of the fundraising hasn’t brought much money into the project, but he is optimistic that another $20,000 could get them on the way to break ground.

“We are still raising funds for the indoor. It’s taken longer than I hoped but I’m still optimistic it will be up and useable soon,” Gregston said. “I feel like we could be well on our way with another $20k. It takes 10 weeks or so to get supplies in once ordered. We don’t want to finally get the money and then have to wait another 10-12 weeks just for the supplies to get here.”

With the new school year approaching, second year softball head coach Jeremy Bates said when the project was announced he was excited that this project is coming to Duncan and said it is important for his team.

“An indoor facility would be a huge addition to our baseball and softball teams. It would give us the opportunity to be able to practice no matter what the weather is. Currently, we are at a disadvantage against other top 5A schools,” Bates said. “Days missed during a season can never be made up. Also, during the off-season we are currently not able to hone our skills to make improvements for the next season. We would greatly appreciate any financial assistance from our supporters in the community and alumni.”

The project is set to be housed between the two facilities in land located by Director of Maintenance Len Lawson and then Duncan Public Schools superintendent Melonie Hau.

The design for the building is a 60x100 feet design and Demons baseball coach Erik Hughes, who will be entering his third year at Duncan, said it is important for his team as well.

“It’s a vital importance for our training. If it’s raining, snowing, or even too cold outside, we can’t practice. And I’m not just talking about Duncan High School. With a new indoor facility, it would be for any Duncan Public School kid. Every other 5A in the state has an indoor,” Hughes said. “We just want to give our kids the same opportunities other schools gives theirs. We want to be an elite softball and baseball school each year and we can’t take days off to do that. An indoor facility would allow us to practice every day, hold camps any time we wanted for the younger generation and afford our kids the facilities that are needed to compete with the rest of the state.”

According to Gregston the goal is to get the additional money and have it up by this winter. Gregston said people can contact any booster member to make a donation.

Donations of $500 or more can be made to the Duncan Public Schools Foundation according to Gregston.