Marlow Lady Outlaws

Standing with the State Championship trophies, Allison Riddle worked as a freshman on that team and finished her career as an All-State for the Marlow Lady Outlaws.

Allison Riddle became the student of the game and after many years of playing golf, she received selection to the West All-State girls team, allowing her to join two Duncan girls honored on the same list.

During her freshman year, Riddle won the Marlow Lady Outlaws first team championship as the number three golfer for the team and improved steadily each year playing for the team.

Lady Outlaws Coach Mikey Eaves said he was proud of Riddle’s All-State distinction. He said she was deserving of the award and representing Marlow.

“It has been three years since we have had an All-Stater, but obviously we didn’t get to have a golf season although they selected the All-State off of resumes,” Eaves said. “As far as All-State material, I don’t think you get much better than Alli. She was a freshman when we won our first state title in Marlow history and she was my three bag that year and improved year to year.”

Eaves said Riddle worked hard to become an All-Stater and even get a scholarship to play golf collegiately at Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva.

“She really did things outside of practice that made her stand out and her attitude and love of the game — I don’t know if you will find a whole lot of people that loves the game as much as Alli does,” Eaves said. “It has been a pleasure and it is something I won’t take for granted having a girl like Alli in our program. Every year she brought the excitement before practice got there and before the season started she had the excitement and want-to and it rubbed off on everyone.”

In his 11 years coaching, Eaves has had three All-Staters. He said they all motivated each other to do better than the next. He hopes that Riddle’s All-State honor will take the program to the next step.

“Alli kind of fed right up underneath them (the previous All-Staters) and if you look at our program for the next couple of years it will be because of Alli,” Eaves said. “She has talked a bunch of girls into coming out and playing, working as freshman and Alli will be hard to replace — not just because she was a really good golfer, but more importantly she was a great leader and she brought the excitement for the game to the rest of the girls and the rest of the team and she deserved the All-State honor.”

While the All-State golf tournament was officially canceled for the summer, Eaves knows Riddle will represent Marlow with pride even if she doesn’t play one final tournament as a Marlow Lady Outlaw officially.

“She truly will represent Marlow and she is one of those who knows where she came from and she knew what it took to get where she was,” Eaves said. “She will go into college saying, ‘I’m a Marlow Outlaw and I’m proud of where I came from and proud of what I did while I was there.’ I think she will represent our town and community very well, not only on the golf course (but also) academically as well. All around, she is just a really good girl and just loves the game of golf and used that skill to go to college and represent us.”

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