Outlaws blue/white

During the Blue/White scrimmage several players tackle the ball carrier. The Outlaws are preparing for the 2019 season which opens at home Friday against Chickasha.

The stakes are high for year number two under Coach Matt Weber. The Marlow Outlaws will renew a rivalry that has been one sided the last 12 meetings that had Chickasha getting the upper hand.

Last year the Outlaws opened the season at Chickasha with the Fightin’ Chicks getting the 35-24 victory over Marlow and in 2019 the Outlaws will look to snap the losing streak.

Weber said his team is ready for Friday’s home opener and the reason he is confident is the way his team looks on the field.

“Well, we are quite a bit further along than we were at this point last year and I think mainly it is because our kids have been in the weight room for a full year and are quite a bit bigger and stronger,” Weber said. “With that comes more confidence in themselves and we have looked decent in the first couple of scrimmages. Mainly, we were worried about us and making sure our kids can execute what we are doing on both sides of the ball. We had our busts like most people would in scrimmage, but we did a lot of good things and our focus has been trying to get ready for Chickasha.”

Weber said that Chickasha has a lot of players returning from the 2018 team and the Outlaws have seen a lot of film on the Fightin’ Chicks and the Outlaws coach knows it will be a battle.

“They are an outstanding football team so we are going to have to execute well and not turn the football over while tackling well to have a chance,” Weber said. “We hope to be what we can control and that is to be the best team we can be. With that, we want to make sure each week we are a better football team than we were the week before. Hopefully we will execute on both sides of the ball and control what we control and if we execute then we will have the opportunity to win most of the ball games that we are playing.”

With the season fast approaching and the Outlaws playing at 7 p.m. Friday at home against Chickasha, Weber said that the history of Marlow-Chickasha is huge and is hoping for success.

“They are going to be excited because it is week one and this is kind of a renewed rivalry with Chickasha as it was renewed rivalry last year,” Weber said. “Marlow used to get the best of them in the 70s and 80s but when it got to the 90s, Chickasha got the upper hand. It has been a long time since we beat those guys so again our kids are excited just because it is the first game. We are up against a good football team and we will have to be up to our best to have a chance.”

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