Duncan Defense

Several Duncan players tackle the ball carrier during the Demons’ district victory over Altus in the final home game of the 2021 season. The Demons are now 3-6 overall and looking to end the year with a three game winning streak. 

Despite not playing for a playoff berth this week, the Duncan Demons football team will look for one more win as they look to end 2021 with a three-game winning streak.

Coming off their second straight victory and second straight shutout, the Demons beat Altus 37-0 and will head on the road to face Southeast, a team that has improved from when Duncan saw them last.

Southeast comes into the game with a 4-5 record and the Spartans had a chance to clinch the fourth and final playoff spot last week but ended up dropping a game against El Reno.

The Demons held their last opponents off the scoreboard for two straight games and Demons’ head coach JT Cobble credited the defense for an outstanding job.

“It was good to come out and have another shutout on defense — that is two weeks in a row that we haven’t given up a touchdown, so defense is playing really well right now,” Cobble said. “Offensively we have had close to 200 yards rushing for the second week and again, that is what we want to do offensively: Establish the run game and pass off it. It was a good night, with the kids coming out to do what we asked them to do and play a full four-quarter game.”

Cobble said the Spartans’ quarterback will present problems and will create an area on which the Demons will need to focus.

“Southeast does some good things that poses some problems and they have athletes all over the field,” Cobble said. “Their quarterback is significantly better than he was last year and throws the ball a lot better. They like to get the ball to their athletes in space and try to make you miss and so we have to make sure we contain that quarterback. 

“When he throws it out to someone in their quick game, we’ve got to fly to the football and get 11 helmets there,” he said. “Offensively, we’ve just got to keep doing the same thing we have been doing and that is establish the run game and pass off of that. That has been what we have been focusing on this week … on the things we can control, which is ourselves.”

The team will return a lot of young players next year who saw a lot of experience which will help going into the 2022 season.

To win three straight to end the season, Cobble believes credit goes to all of the seniors on the team who kept the program thriving despite an off year on the record book.

“If the ball bounced a couple of different ways in two games — we were a touchdown away from winning at Ardmore and a touchdown away from winning at El Reno — then we are having a different conversation right now,” Cobble said. “This team did some good things this year and that is obviously led by the seniors and their leadership and the impact on the program is important. When we get to where we are going and where we want to be team wise, they will have a hand in that and they can come back and say they had a hand on that.” 

With the season officially wrapping up this Friday, the Demons will look at the running game as a focal point and Cobble believes the offensive line will help them get to that goal.

“The offensive line as a whole is going to make us go or not go and we are healthy there for the most part,” Cobble said. “We will move some guys around — we changed some guys defensively to play Altus because of the scheme they ran — and go back to the way we normally would do before that. We have to make sure they get people in the right position and get the running game going and contain that quarterback.”

Still, Cobble believes this season will be a building point to start off the 2022 season.

“The experience for the young kids — we have a whole secondary that are freshmen and our whole linebacker core except for one sophomore,” Cobble said. “We’ve only got two seniors on the offensive line and the experience for these young kids is something you can’t simulate, so I think it is something that we know we would take our lumps in some aspects. We did that and I think it will help in the future. We want to send these seniors off on a good note this week with a win and end the season with a three-game winning streak and that is what we are aiming to do.”

Kick-off will take place at 7 p.m. Nov. 5 at Southeast. 

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