After winning a national championship at University of Central Oklahoma and landing an assistant coaching position at Heritage Hall, Edwin Lorne wants to give back to the community that made it all possible.

He and his younger brother, Floyd, who is the head coach at Heritage Hall, are providing a clinic designed to introduce the sport to kids in Duncan. The two-day camp will start Thurday and will be open for kids between the ages of  five to 18.

Antioch Baptist Church Rev. Ronald Boyd, who is helping to organize the event, said the goal was to give the kids something to do during the summer in the wake of the Christopher Lane shooting that occured last summer. He said the suspects in the case did the act because they said they were bored. He wants to make sure they can’t use that excuse again. Half of the money raised by the camp will go to the Christopher Lane Scholarship Fund.

“Our main goal is to give young men something to do within the city of Duncan and teach them some things that will help them as they grow up and go through life,” Boyd said. “We want to have activities going on to where they can participate and take part in. That keeps the boredom out of the picture.”

Lorne said the sport itself helps kids grow into men. The lessons they learn in wrestling help them in life.

“It gives you so much self-discipline,” Lorne said. “It teaches you not to do silly things. It helps you to think before acting.”

Lorne said he owes a lot of his success to the sport. It helped him get a college education and he knows he had help along the way. Now he wants to return the favor.

“Everyone should give back — I don’t care who you are — in some fashion,” Lorne said. “Everyone has had some help somewhere, and giving back, that just seems like the only right thing to do.”

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