Members of the 2021 Marlow Lady Outlaws softball team hand Coach Brian Miller an award for his 30 years of service as the coach. Miller has officially retired and will hand over the coaching duties to Coach Trevor Hudgens for the 2022 season.

Starting his career as the Marlow Lady Outlaws softball coach, and after 30 seasons as the head coach, Brian Miller has officially finished his career where he started as he completed his final year of teaching and coaching.

Miller made the decision to retire before the 2021-2022 school year began, but it was something that he has been thinking about for years and decided it was time to focus on his side business and retirement.

Having many victories in his accolades, the Outlaws head coach also has the school’s first State Championship in Fast Pitch Softball as they won in 1997 in Class 4A.

His final game at Marlow High School as the Marlow Lady Outlaws head coach on the home field was against Eisenhower on October 4, 2021 and his win average per season was around 25 during his tenure.

While he had a lot of wins and losses on his record, Miller said the best thing he will remember is the players that gave it their all for him and knows that will be his lasting legacy.

“I will remember all of the influence and memories we have made with the kids and my athletes that I have coached is the biggest thing,” Miller said. “I will remember the players and the good and bad times we have had together and all of the wins and losses that came from that.”

Over the years, Miller has had offers to leave Marlow High School and every chance he turned them down because of his love for Marlow Public Schools.

“I think a lot of it was two things realistically to me it wasn’t about chasing championships all the time, it was about being happy where I was at,” Miller said. “I never had a reason to go look for another position and I had people call once in a while to ask me if I was interested in a job, but I was always happy. I have had great support from the community, the administration, the parents and I couldn’t see myself finding a better place to coach.”

In 1997 when the Lady Outlaws won the State Championship, Miller said that will be his biggest game memory and said the fight his team had to win after a rain delay pushed back the tournament helped tremendously.

“I will always remember our State Championship, because it was a neat deal the way it turned out. We got rained out on Saturday afternoon in the finals and I really felt like our team was wore out and could have gotten beat easily,” Miller said. “It was a totally different team when we came back and the State Championship will be up there on my list of teams that are so great to be around and coached. However, in the past couple of years in my opinion I had the most enjoyable teams to coach, in the past five or six years I have really enjoyed the group of girls that has came through.”

In 2021, Miller was inducted into the Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Fame and will focus on his painting business and being able to go fishing and hunting whenever he feels like it.

One of his assistants the last few seasons is Trevor Hudgens and he will officially take over this fall as the Lady Outlaws softball coach, which is something that Miller believes puts him at ease knowing the program is in good hands.

“I think that is the biggest reason I am happy to step down now at this point is because Coach Hudgens, after him being around me the last three years, he is a young guy that will be taking over,” Miller said. “I have complete faith in what he is doing and how he does it and know that he will be really successful. Turning it over to him I have no qualms about at all, so it makes it a lot easier leaving a program you had for 30 years and that is the biggest thing. So that helps me have peace of mind and makes it easy to go.”

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