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Heath Edie chips on to the green Saturday at the Wildhorse Memorial Weekend Tournament in Velma.

VELMA — The wind was the talk of the first day of the Wildhorse Memorial Weekend Golf Tournament Saturday.

With some scores ranging from 99 to the low 70s in the B through C Flights completed their first round just after 1 p.m.

“The winds are eating everybody up,” Wildhorse Golf Course manager Jerry Hunt said. “We’ll have a bump (today) and they’ll find out what flight they’re in. But, there won’t be much of a bump because the wind is playing against them so much.”

The field wasn’t as full as Hunt thought it would be.

“We’re a few short,” Hunt, who is playing in A Flight, said. “B, C and D Flight are usually pretty big fields. The only flight I’m disappointed in is the Championship Flight.”

There were only three golfers listed, and two didn’t show, so some adjustment in flighting was need just before the top flights teed off.

David Jennings had a one shot lead in the Championship Flight over Lyndol Brosh after shooting a 66. Brosh was originally in the Presidents Flight.

Ray Headley and Jim Wiggins rounded out the competitors in the top flight in a tie for third at 68.

The course was in good shape, though.

“The course was in excellent shape thanks to Lyndol Brosh, the manager before me,” Hunt said.

“The greens are in as good a shape as they have been in a long time,” Brosh said.

John Maxwell was the leader in the Presidents Flight after carding a 71. Ron Lane shot a 77, and Heath Edie finished the first round with a 79.

Keith Edie shot a 72 to take the lead in A Flight, and Harold Bradshaw was second with a 73. John Strickland was third after shooting a 78.

In B Flight, David Sanchez was leading with a 74, but one of the youngest competitors on the course, Kaleb Osmus, was leading D Flight, and was bumped up to become the leader in B Flight with a 73. Carlis Maxwell shot a 74 in C Flight, but his score was good enough to give him a share of second in B Flight. Casey Lynch also moved up a flight after shooting a 77.

In C Flight, Dent Gibson was the leader after the dust settled with a 78. Steve Tyler and Dale Hurst were tied for second with an 80, while Chris Cooper, Dude Sanford and Mike Eaves shot an 83 for a share of third.

Weekend Memorial Results


At Wildhorse Golf Course

Championship Flight

66 — David Jennings

67 — Lyndol Brosh

68 — Ray Headley, Jim Wiggins


71 — John Maxwell

77 — Ron Lane

79 — Heath Edie

A Flight

72 — Keith Edie

73 — Harold Bradshaw

78 — John Strickland

82 — Jerry Hunt

87 — Jase Jenkins

B Flight

73 — Kaleb Osmus

74 — David Sanchez, Carlis Maxwell

77 — Casey Lynch

78 — Steve Paramore

80 — Darrin Gammill, Don Thompson, Paul Brown

82 — Greg Gothard, Tommy Brady

83 — Kenny Emerson

84 — Kenneth Maxwell

C Flight

78 — Dent Gibson

80 — Steve Tyler, Dale Hurst

83 — Dude Sanford, Chris Cooper, Mike Eaves

84 — Matt Hunt

88 — Chuck Anderson

D Flight

79 — Jason Hunt

81 — L.L. Humphreys

82 — Dale Pollock

83 — Leonard Jackson, Leo Stiewert, Jon Norton

84 — Ed Williams, Bill Dysart, Henry Brown

85 — Dustin Paramore, Matt Cantwell

87 — James Bradshaw

89 — James Weldon

90 — Johnny Rue

92 — Wade Norton

95 — Chuck Nelson

99 — Cody Pollock

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