The Duncan Middle School cross country team recently completed its season.

Little Lady Demons coach Tiffany Jones said that she was pleased with how the team progressed.

“The girls had a solid season. We improved weekly,” she said. “We had a lot girls who had never ran before and they showed their character by working hard and improving throughout the season. I’m proud of all of them. Kelly Simms was a medalist at every meet for us.”

Simms, an eighth-grader, placed 18th at the Marlow meet in a time of 11:48 at over the 2500-meter course. She was eighth at Lindsay and Davis. At Walters, Simms came in fifth, and finished the season by getting sixth at Velma.

Taylor Mettler placed 40th at Marlow, and 46th at Lindsay. She finished 25th at Davis and 25th at Walters. Mettler, another eighth-grader, came in 30th at Velma.

Kaylee Boyd finished 41st at the Marlow meet, and 28th in Lindsay. Boyd came in 43rd at Davis, and 45th at Walters. At the Velma meet, Boyd was 51st.

Soledad Vargas took 42nd at Marlow and Davis. Her highest finish was 27th at Lindsay. She finished 46th at Velma and 44th at Walters.

Alyssa Rue’s best finish was 45th at Davis. She finished 47th at Davis and finished 48th at Marlow and Lindsay. Rue took 60th at Velma.

Francesca Wolfe’s best race was Lindsay, where she came in 35th. She finished 45th at Davis, and 47th at Velma. Wolfe placed 49th at Marlow and 51st at Walters.

Elisa Duehl finished 56th at Lindsay, and took 59th at Davis. She was 61st at Marlow and finished 62nd at Walters. She came in 82nd at Velma.

Blakeley Pearson was 36th at Lindsay, and 54th at Davis. Pearson placed 55th in the opener at Marlow and 81st at Velma.

Samantha Thomas came in 68th in Marlow, and 69th at Davis. She came in 70th in Lindsay and 74th at Walters. At Velma, Thomas was 89th.

Ashlee Heare was 51st at Marlow, and 54th at Marlow. She finished 55th at Velma, and 57th at Davis. She placed 61st in Walters.

La’lla Smith came in 53rd in Davis, and 56th at Marlow. She finished in 57th place at Lindsay and Walters before finishing the season in 67th at Velma.

A 70th-place finish at Marlow was the top finish for Jenny Gilbreth. She came in 78th in Davis, and 81st at Lindsay. Gilbreth placed 86th at Walters.

Dominique Hall took 71st at Davis and 73rd at Marlow. She took 81st at Lindsay and 84th at Walters.

After a 69th-place finish at Marlow, Taylor Neal placed 72nd at Lindsay. At Davis, Neal was 70th, and she came in 66th at Walters before finishing in 87th at Velma.

Renea Plumlee placed 52nd at Lindsay, 59th at Marlow and 64th at Velma.

Victoria Haggard came in 77th at Lindsay and 79th at Davis.

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