Kyndle Ledford

Kyndle Ledford looks to make a pass in last year’s victory against MacArthur at Chesapeake Arena. Ledford, along with Coach Brandon Kephart, has worked out this summer to prepare for the upcoming basketball season.

With the colder weather coming into play and sport activities moving in for the next couple of months, some of the local school districts have enacted policies to combat COVID-19 and keep activities rolling.

Basketball and swimming officially started practice while wrestling began with all three schools having minimum wrestlers as football season keeps going.

Duncan and Bray-Doyle are two districts who made policies at the beginning of the year for all indoor activities. They will stick with their policies as well as masks and temperature checks.

Masks are mandatory for Duncan events indoors and people are encouraged to self-check their temperature. If they’re not feeling well, they are asked to not attend the event.

On the other hand, Bray-Doyle has mandatory temperature checks before allowing entry to any inside event. Bray-Doyle’s district said masks are not required but highly recommended.

Attendance requirements are not set for either of the two districts.

Comanche and Marlow both released their policies about indoor events with Comanche’s policies reflecting the conference they play in with a 65% attendance rate enacted.

Wrestling and basketball home games at Tommy Weast Gymnasium for Comanche will go to the new attendance policy for social distancing purposes and ask for attendees to wear masks.

District officials said the percentage is contingent on attendees wearing masks and if guidelines are not followed, the capacity percentage will lower, according to the district website.

Each participant — players, coach and cheerleaders — will have four tickets apiece, which will ensure their guests will can purchase a ticket to the event.

Players will receive the tickets two days before a game or match and the remaining capacity tickets will then sell at a first come, first serve basis.

Visitors to Comanche High School, according to conference policy, will be regulated to 140 tickets for their disbursement and only visitors with those tickets will be allowed to pay or show the pass to enter.

The teams will have an area roped off in the visiting section for the team not currently playing so they can sit away from visiting fans. Only home cheerleaders will be allowed at Comanche.

The same rule applies for junior high events along with the high school events. Officials also stated that if their child’s game isn’t going on, to come back at that time and leave after their event.

Marlow Public Schools has a very similar policy with masks required inside their facilities for employees, gate workers, concession workers and students when they can not practice social distancing. Students are to carry a face covering at all times.There are exceptions to students who are actively participating in an event and those with medical documentation that states they should not wear a mask or fave covering.

Family groups are recommended for spectators. Social distancing is also recommended and if conditions warrant, there may be limitations placed on the number of spectators allowed, but at this time that has not taken place.

All of these policies can be found at each of the district websites. The Banner has reached out to Central High, Empire and Velma-Alma, but as of press time their policies were not available.

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