Kyndle Ledford

Kyndle Ledford jumps up to hit a ball over the net in the Lady Demons scrimmage opener against Community Christian Friday morning at Duncan High School.

Every year the Duncan Lady Demons volleyball team starts their first live action of the season against Community Christian and this year they got the chance to host the Lady Royals.

The teams played ninth grade, JV and Varsity matches and the Lady Demons used the scrimmages to learn about the new members that will line up for Duncan in 2019.

Lady Demons head coach Amanda Lard said that it was a great chance for her team to see another team in action rather than having her team go up against each other in practices.

“I think our freshman came in, we have covered a lot of new stuff that they really haven’t done before, and I feel like they came in and had it down,” Lard said. “There was one time where we got out of rotation, but for the most part I think they did a pretty good job in recognizing where they were supposed to be and how they were supposed to transition. That is something we have been really focusing on and that is something they were really scared of so as far as that goes I was proud of them for keeping up where they were supposed to be.”

During the JV game the two teams battled back and forth with the Lady Royals getting the slight edge at the end, however, Lard was proud of the way the girls battled during the match.

Then, the Lady Demons went on to the varsity matchup where the Lady Royals got all three sets in the game. Lard saw some things all of the teams need to work on.

“I feel like we competed really well and played hard while fighting hard. I didn’t see their shoulders slump when they made mistakes,” Lard said. “We let them get on too many runs where we could have stopped the bleeding, but I feel like for the first scrimmage having to replace everything we had to replace I’m really proud of them. Their tenacity and they kept their spirits up high even when we were at match point, they were still celebrating big things so they didn’t get down and I think that is going to carry us a lot this season is how they respond when things get down or going their way.”

With one full week left before their next scrimmage and a couple of days after that the regular season begins, Lard said her team will work on some of the things they saw in the first scrimmage.

“We play each other in practice everyday so we don’t get to see other teams, so you learn each others tendencies and each others habits,” Lard said. “Seeing a different team exposes you to different things that we normally don’t do. It just broadens their horizons and they have to realize ‘oh I can’t just do this all time because I do it in practice. I have to recognize how the other team adjusts to stuff and be ready to move there and set the ball here so it is good for us to just recognize there are different kinds of volleyball.’”

Duncan will face Lawton Christian on the road next Thursday at 10 a.m. and Lard knows the season is upon them and is eager for her team to get started the very next week.

“It starts kind of slow, but once it starts it goes and it goes and it goes and there is little time for off days,” Lard said. “There may be three games in a week and then a tournament on Saturday so this is kind of the calm before the storm. It is a fun day and it is a tradition that we have lunch with the other team after the game, but the storm is coming and it will be fast and furious. That is how we run practice is fast and furious and no time to think about mistakes.”