Caity Blair

Caity Blair is one of the seniors coming into the new season where the Comanche Lady Indians will look to build on their Regional Tournament appearance a year ago.

In the second season under head coach Megan Robbins, the Comanche Lady Indians prepare to make their season debut after a successful pre-season.

The Comanche Lady Indians, after a 15-9 year that ended in Regional Play, look to go a step farther and as a result, they have been selected as Xpress Wellness Team of Week.

Robbins, who got her team late due to the softball team making a run to the State Tournament, feels that success has helped pump up the team and made for a good pre-season run.

“We had a pretty good preseason, we got started a little later than normal because softball went to the State tournament and I think that has been good in a way because I’m a full believer that success breeds success,” Robbins said. “We had a lot of girls on that team that have had that success in going to the State tournament for softball and now they are carrying that hunger and drive to basketball. I think that has been good for us and we have played a bunch of bigger schools in our preseason scrimmages. Also, the physicalness of those teams … I am trying to get our girls to be more aggressive and more physical and handle contact and handle that kind of style of play.”

Gracee Miller, who was the leading scorer for the Lady Indians, will be a junior and the seniors on the squad include Caity Blair and Briannah Keeling coming back.

Other girls Robbins will focus on include Kynli Morris who is also a junior coming into the year and will also play a bunch of minutes with the other spot looking to feature two sophomores.

Kenley Lemons, Kylie Roden and Kamrey Rendon will also factor into the rotation and being around the program will help them to step in and fill bigger roles.

Robbins also had nine freshman on the team which is one of the bigger classes she has. She hopes to see someone step up and give key minutes off the bench.

The season will begin with two road games and the competition will be tough as they travel to Ft. Cobb-Broxton and Chickasha.

The tougher competition is what Robbins likes to see to begin the year and she hopes the girls respond in a big way.

“I think it is great and I love to be one of those people that likes the challenge — play the best and push our team as much as we can,” Robbins said. “I think they are starting to figure some things out for themselves with a new coach and they are figuring out their identity and I think it will be good to go on the road into an environment where they expect success and really challenge ourselves out of the gate.”

While the Lady Indians ended the season a year ago in Regional play, Robbins knew it was a tough year last year and believes the team is an Area Round team or better.

“It was not for me in my expectations for our program — we should be in the area tournament every year and that to me is an expectation for our program,” Robbins said. “All of the things that those kids had to go through — being in and out of quarantine and we had injuries — it was just one of those years where I don’t feel like any of us ever felt like we got going on the same page like we really wanted to. That is not an excuse, but it was a weird year and I feel like now that I have …these kids have been in my program for a year and they know what to expect from me, we are on the same page of what our goals are and what we are trying to accomplish.”

The season opener is at 6 p.m. Nov. 30 at Ft. Cobb-Broxton High School and the Lady Indians will have two road games to start the 2021-2022 season.

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