Gracee Miller

Gracee Miller lays up the basketball a season ago. So far, the Lady Indians have had four scrimmages for 2020-2021 and are preparing for the upcoming season.

The Comanche Lady Indians basketball team has seen a lot of success in the past five seasons with a few trips to the State Tournament, however they will look to build a new foundation with a new coach and a few girls returning from the 2019-2020 State Tournament team.
The team’s most recent scrimmage took place last week at Duncan. They will have one more before their season opener set to take place Dec. 4 at home against Empire.
Aaron Weast, who was head coach for the last two seasons, retired after serving t Comanche for over 30-plus years. The district brought in Coache Megan Robbins, who was hired in April 2020.
Robbins said she has been pleased with the way her team has performed in the pre-season scrimmages. She said she has seen the girls adapt well into her newly introduced system.
“It has been good and I think we have gotten better every time we have gone out as far as getting more comfortable in what we are doing,” Robbins said. “I think that has been the biggest thing, is putting in a new system and new sets and new things that they are not quite used to. Them getting comfortable and trying to remember stuff, that has been one of our big problems but I think everyday and every scrimmage they get a little better at it.”
Last season saw success but this season saw the departure of Brooklin Bain, Emily Roden and Alexis Dorough. Now, the Lady Indians will rely on a senior class and some returning starters who will have to become the leaders.
Those returning starters include Gracee Miller, who is a sophomore. Robbins also credited the senior class of 2021 who will be big contributors and include Kinley Rendon, Shayson Hodges, Teagan Pineda and Jasmine Francis.
Robbins said the team used to look at Bain as the shooter in clutch moments and said it will rely on the whole group of starters to lead the way.
“I think Gracee is trying to help fill that gap a little bit and step up and be more of a leader for this team and I think she has done a good job so far but she is still just a sophomore trying to carry a little bit of that weight,” Robbins said. “We have also got a good group of seniors in Jasmine Francis, Teagan, Shayson and Kinley Rendon who will all bring something different to the table as far as what they can do for our team. I think they will all be able to shoot it ... while Jasmine brings a lot of aggression on defense, Shayson can give us some physicality on the post and I think each of them as seniors, they are all good kids who want to do the right thing and they want to come to practice and come to work.”
During the scrimmages and pre-season workouts, Robbins put the girls to work with team building activities to prepare for the season opener.
“I think it has been good and we have had four scrimmages and they have seen a lot of other teams, but I think they are ready for it to be here,” Robbins said. “I know a lot of them … with the way the last year ended, it was hard for this group. We did some team building yesterday and we said something that we regret and they said, ‘We wish we knew that our last game was our last game.’ I don’t think the team had the closure that most people have at the end of the year so they are ready.”
The season opener is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Dec. 4 at home against Empire.

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