Kyndle Ledford

Kyndle Ledford tries to punch the ball over the net earlier this season for the Lady Demons. Duncan lost Tuesday evening on the road against Noble High School.

After almost a week off since beating Cement in a five set thriller, the first of three road matches went on a sour note as the Duncan Lady Demons volleyball team dropped the battle with Noble 3-1.

Winning the first set 27-25, the Lady Demons dropped the next three sets 25-21, 25-15 and then the final set was 25-21 to bring their record to 9-7 on the season.

Lady Demons head coach Amanda Lard said part of the reason for the loss was both teams traded back and forth a run of several points and Noble ended up taking advantage.

“It was a match of runs and both teams went on runs to start and then they came back doubling our run with their own run, it was a game of runs,” Lard said. “Neither team was able to stop the bleeding for a while and they just ended up getting a few more runs than us to finish out those sets.”

Being the first of three on the road and a quick turnaround to face El Reno this evening, Lard said that the plan is to work on being aware of gym situations.

“We kind of struggled with passing yesterday. They have a low ceiling and our passes kept hitting the ceiling and so when that happens, if we are not paying attention they came straight down,” Lard said. “There were a lot of instances like that. I’m not giving excuses but we did struggle with that a little bit and finding a happy medium between we how usually pass and how we needed to pass. We watched a little film from the first time we played El Reno, we are not trying to change who we are, what we do, we are just going to have to find better ways to adjust to situations.”

This will be the second match against El Reno with the Lady Demons winning 3-0 to open the 2019 season and will face Noble at home later in the season.

Lard said it is important for the rest of the season that the schedule will be seeing repeat opponents and to be successful the Lady Demons will need to do what they did last year during the second matches.

“I told them last night that something I was really proud of last year is that teams that beat us once didn’t beat us again,” Lard said. “And teams that we beat the first time we got them again the second time. We are going to get a chance to play Noble again, at least during season and maybe possibly at the Noble tournament when we go up there. El Reno we have already seen once before so we are looking at the tail end of our schedule looking at teams we have played before that we should know how to play against them. We are looking to improve on teams that beat us and see if we can make some adjustments to come out on the other end the next time.”

This evenings game will be at 6 p.m. at El Reno High School with their next road game taking place also at 6 p.m. Sept. 9 at Elgin High School.

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