Lady Demon Avery Wilson

Lady Demon Avery Wilson (4), looks over the head of the opposition, MacArthur, scanning the court for an open teammate in the Duncan High School Gymnasium.

The squeaking of rubber against the polished court surface rebounds off of the stands and ceilings as the Lady Demons tear down the court during a Team Camp all day Friday, June 7 at the Duncan High School Gymnasium.

During the summer, and especially throughout the month of June, Duncan’s girls basketball teams participate in these camps to build camaraderie, and to keep in practice during the off-season.

But according to Coach Mike Fitts, these camps, and the games played during them, are much more than just a way to get a ball into the girls’ hands.

“It’s a way to take this group and let them mold themselves into a team,” Fitts said. “Even if you have everyone coming back, it’s still a different team, because you have new people come in, and those people have to learn the ropes, and team spirit is really important.”

With three seniors having graduated and moved on from the Demons team, Fitts said that this summer’s camps are focused heavily on rebuilding the team and getting them prepared for the upcoming season.

These all-day-long events give the team not only the opportunities to come together as a team, but to embrace competition between themselves and a large number of opposing teams, who come from all across the state to participate.

However, according to Fitts, many coaches don’t keep score during the events, due to it being summer, and many teams are short a few members for a variety of reasons.

The middle school team has a Team Camp of their own coming up next Thursday, June 20, serving the same purpose for the younger girls’ team.

With the season approaching fast, Fitts said that it is ever-important for the community to show their support for the Lady Demons, and the best way to do that is to come to their games and events.

“The school and teams and the games they play in are not just school events,” Fitts said. “It has always been a community event across the board, that’s the number one thing.”