Katelyn Samuels battles against a Durant defender a season ago and will be one of three seniors who will lead the 2019-2020 Duncan Lady Demons basketball team.

Entering the third year as head coach for the Duncan Lady Demons basketball program, Coach Mike Fitts thinks his team is ready to take the next step in building the program back up.

Fitts and the Lady Demons finished their last scrimmage this past Monday and will open the season in week one on the road against Ardmore. Fitts said he has liked what he has seen so far.

“Some of the good things that came out of it I felt like we got more potential scorers and maybe now someone is going to get 25-30 points, but I think if three or four goes out there and get 10 or above that is pretty good,” Fitts said. “I think we will have some fairly balanced scoring across the board from a lot of different people or at least have that potential to. Defensively, I think we are a little bit quicker and we are a little bit more able to react quicker to things than maybe what we have at times.”

Fitts added that he believes this team is further than they were last year at this point and said the transition offense and rebounding will be a little bit of a challenge but feels he has some players to keep up to task.

Three seniors who will lead the cause are Katelyn Samuels, Abbi Price and Caitlynn Stephens who Fitts has credited their leadership skills and will help bring the younger teammates around.

“I think we got some good leadership out of them. Our seniors I think are good leaders and have really good leadership and they are going to help with the younger ones,” Fitts said. “They will also help with the really young ones as far as being able to pick things up quicker. “

Other returners that Fitts will rely on is Sydney White who along with Price will play some of the post position for the Lady Demons and also have Kyndle Ledford and Alexis Giles who have played on the same team for several years.

The second unit which Fitts credited as good as the first group will be led by Kaylee Foster, Madalyn Hallford, Deanna Tabor, KK Miller and Maddie Woods.

“Our second group is pretty good and they compete real hard against our first group with makes them better,” Fitts said. “You can’t underestimate how good they are as far as being able to help us out.”

With the season opener being at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 3rd at Ardmore, Fitts knows it will be a tough matchup and credits Ardmore’s coach as always being a tough match to start the year off.

“Ardmore is tough, they always are and always going to be. She does a great job over there and they will have a little more post this year than what they have had in the past,” Fitts said. “We got to keep them off the boards and be able to do some things there. We have to be able to handle their press and they will get after you and will try to create turnovers. That is what we have to limit if at all possible.”

With the regular season upon the Lady Demons with the first road game and hosting the Southern Oklahoma Invitational Tournament, Fitts said that this team is going to have a good chance to make their mark.

“I think we are ready to make the jump forward. We have kind of been there the last few years and we have just kind of been on the edge of it to where we are ready to bust through,” Fitts said. “I think we will come out and get after people plus as I told them today, I said ‘girls we have that opportunity if something happens and we get down we have kind of that makeup to where we can comeback’ and I don’t think we have always had that. It is a great group of girls and they work hard and here everyday and that makes a big difference.”

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