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The Central High Lady Bronchos 2021-2022 team stand together as they prepare to open the season this Friday. It will be the first game under new head coach Lance Osburn as they travel to face Snyder.

The season begins this Friday for the Central High Lady Bronchos who will look for growth as a team throughout the season under a new head coach.

Coach Lance Osburn came to Central in April 2021 to take over for Athletic Director Chad Weldon, who wanted to focus on his AD duties and softball only.

Osburn, who came from Friend Public Schools, said the pre-season has gone well for the Lady Bronchos and he now eagerly awaits the season debut of his team this Friday.

“We have put a big focus on trying to get up and down the court and get some conditioning in and trying to get a few scrimmages in to build some experience in there,” Osburn said. “We are really young this year and we’ve got some growing to do. We’ve only got three seniors out, with only one of them having playing experience, so it is really trying to work our system and build that experience in our younger group.”

With Weldon around, Osburn noticed there’s not much difference in the type of basketball that both like to have their teams play. Osburn says the girls are adapting well.

“From where we started to where we are now on what I’m trying to run, I don’t think there is a whole lot too different from what he did and what I’m doing,” Osburn said. “They have picked up pretty well and they are starting to get things rolling and starting to understand some things. We are really young and learning so there is some things we are still working on, but we are getting it together pretty well and once we get it clicking, we will be fun to watch.”

Usually Central High and Snyder face off against each to open the season based on the past several years and the Lady Bronchos will look to start the year off on the right foot.

Osburn, who will make his varsity debut as head coach, has had this day circled on the calendar for a while.

“I am super excited and have been counting down since I got hired to get this thing rolling — it will be fun,” Osburn said. “The girls are excited, I am excited and the parents are excited and it will be a good season. We have a chance to be competitive in some games this year.”

The Lady Bronchos will have three seniors in Vivian Shipley, Alix Standridge and Beth Clement. Osburn said the goal is to grow at first while wanting to win each day and stacking wins.

“We have had a couple of setbacks this pre-season with an injury and we had a move just recently, so we have had some setbacks, but it is all about stacking those wins on top of each other and building where we want to be,” Osburn said. “Basically we want them to compete everyday. That is my big thing and I think the girls understand that we are kind of young and inexperienced and we will go through some growing pains as we go. The big thing I have preached is to compete each day. It will be tough sometimes. We play some decent teams to open up the season early, but we’ll focus on competing and stacking wins each and every day.”

Tip-off will take place at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 19 at Snyder High School where the Lady Bronchos will look for the first win of the 2021-2022 campaign.

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