Jaycee Kimbrough

Jaycee Kimbrough looks for a pitch earlier in the season. Now, she will represent the Lady Comets as an All-State selection.

Velma-Alma has had a great last two seasons in fast pitch softball and one of the reasons for that was Jaycee Kimbrough, who is excited to represent Velma-Alma as an All-State selection.

Kimbrough, who played at Velma-Alma her junior and senior seasons, received the nomination from Coach Stefan Hunt for the All-Region selection and then the All-State award to the coaches association.

Selected as part of the Small West team, Kimbrough received the utility member selection as an outfielder after hitting .474 in her senior year and getting on base half of the time she appeared at the plate.

Scoring 40 runs and driving in 30 runs, she also hit three home runs and had a fielding average of .964 while receiving selection as the Conference Player of the Year in 2020.

Hunt was so proud to let Kimbrough know of the All-State honor and said she has been a great member of the Lady Comets’ team.

“Jaycee is an extremely dedicated student athlete. In my years of teaching/coaching I’ve never seen an athlete train as hard and efficient as Jaycee did this summer,” Hunt said. “It’s nice to see a young person’s hard work and dedication be reared with such a prestigious honor. I can’t explain in words how happy and proud I am for her to receive this All-State selection. She was a tremendous asset to our softball program and she will bring those expectations and work ethics to the upcoming basketball season. Personally as a coach, it was exciting, enjoyable and rewarding to have Jaycee as a member of my team. I am truly thankful that I had the opportunity to coach her the past two years.”

Kimbrough, after finding out from Hunt about the All-State honor, was excited to represent Hunt and the Velma-Alma program.

“I was really excited for myself and for Coach Hunt as well,” Kimbrough said. “Moving from Rush Springs was a big change … and moving to Velma-Alma I got my team and the girls were a lot closer and the girls were more of a team and we worked better together. It made me feel really happy, not just for me but for Coach Hunt too because he definitely deserves a lot of recognition for getting me to that point and pushing me to be a lot better.”

Along with thanking Coach Hunt, Kimbrough also thanked Coach Kenny Bare and Coach Jason Ille for helping out during softball and in life in general.

Kimbrough will head to college and in the future wants to be an RN. She will attend a junior college to play college softball.

“Number one is my mom, she has pushed me harder than anyone ever could, I mean we butt heads a lot but she has gotten me to where I have been,” Kimbrough said. “I played travel ball with Coach Jason Ille and he developed me to the All-State level. To represent Velma means a lot to me since I moved to Velma and this is where I wanted to be. I am glad to be representing a school which makes you hard working and that is going to push yourself better and push your teammates to be better. My team has always been there and have a really good hand in my success so putting on the Velma jersey one last time, it will be good to me — it is a great school and community to represent.”

The All-State game’s time, date and place hasn’t been decided and once that information is released, The Duncan Banner will publish that information.

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