V-A basketball camp

Crue Garrett puts up a shot at the final day of Velma-Alma’s basketball camp. This year’s camp included 40 kids.

Thursday morning, Velma-Alma coaches Kenny Bare and Jerry Garrett Jr. wrapped up their annual basketball camp with the kindergarten-third graders.

“It’s been another successful camp,” Bare said. “I think each of the kids learned a lot and all had a lot of fun.”

Forty young campers came out to the camp to work on different drills and learning the basic fundamentals of the game, 16 of which were in the first grade boys’ group.

“I’ve been doing this for about 14 years now here and I’m pretty sure that first grade boys’ group was the biggest that we have had from one grade ever.”

Garrett echoed Bare’s sentiments saying the number of campers was encouraging this year.

“This is the most kids we’ve had in a really long time,” he said. “Seeing each of these kids out here and having a good time learning is really what it is all about.

“We try to make it fun for them because at their ages you do not want to throw too much at them. I think everybody learned a lot, but the biggest thing is they had fun while learning.”

Along with learning and having fun, Bare said one of the most positive things he saw this week was the positive attitudes everyone had each day.

“We didn’t have a single attitude problem the entire week,” he said. “Each of the kids really wanted to come out and play and came out with an attitude that they were ready to learn.”

Garrett and Bare were helped by several volunteers including several of their high school players.

“Those who helped during the week really made this all possible,” Garrett said. “We couldn’t have done as many things as we did with such a large group if they didn’t help.”

V-A junior Shalyn Files was one of the Lady Comets who helped through the week and said she had a good time helping.

“I think the entire camp went really well,” Files said. “I love being around these kids and helping them.

It’s really special to see their love for basketball grown and for us to see them improve through the entire week.”

Some of the things the kids worked on during the week were passing, shooting, and dribbling .

“ We really worked with them on all the fundamentals,” Files said. “We had them shoot lay-ups, free throws, dribble threw chairs and also threw in some games that they enjoyed.”

Each of the campers had a “report card” during the week to monitor how they did at the different stations.

“We let them take it home at the end of the week so they could show their parent how much they had improved this week,” Garrett said. “They all improved a lot and you could really see it through the week.”

Comet junior Dallas Bare agreed the improvement from each camper was apparent.

“Everyday these kids got better and better,” Dallas said. “Teaching them was kind of tough at times, but it was a lot of fun too.”

Rebecca Humphreys helped with the different stations and said she enjoyed helping each of the kids learn.

“When you see some of these kids’ faces after they have made some free throws, or scored a few baskets it feels good,” Humphreys said. “I love helping these kids learn and have fun.”

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