Hatfield signing

McKayla Hatfield signed her letter of intent to Northern Oklahoma College in Enid a couple of weeks ago to cheer at the collegiate level.

Being a part of competitive cheer since an early age and spending time on the sidelines at Comanche High School, McKayla Hatfield signed a letter of intent to cheer for Northern Oklahoma College in Enid.

Hatfield signed in front of family and friends at Comanche High School. She has always known that she wanted to cheer in college and is excited to get that opportunity.

“I have always wanted to be a college cheerleader ever since I was cheering. So it was kind of an easy decision when I got the offer because for a while I didn’t think I was going to be able to cheer in college,” Hatfield said. “When I started thinking about college and then I told my coach that I wanted to cheer at this college and she said I know this other college that is really good. With her daughter cheering there and some of the legacies of Comanche cheer there so we set up the stuff and she talked to the coach. I went up there and I fell in love with the small campus and it feels like home with the team being very welcoming.”

Being a part of school cheer since the third grade and doing competition cheer in fifth or sixth grade, Hatfield said it always has been fun to cheer and she had some great memories along the way.

“The environment and bringing people up is really fun so it was kind of an easy decision once I got the opportunity. Then when competition cheer came around and I saw that environment it was a whole different level,” Hatfield said. “When coaches say music on and the panic kind of sets in and all of it is just amazing.”

Spending time cheering for Comanche basketball and wrestling during the winter sports season, this will be the last time she is representing Indians sports and the memories will be ever lasting.

“I didn’t cheer for high school my sophomore and junior year but I always remembered my freshman year, it was so tough and it was fun but it was cheer,” Hatfield said. “Bailey Hinshaw was the person who really took me in as a freshman and did a lot of stuff for me. Some of the memories I had was the bus ride over there and some of the music we danced to.”

She thanked her parents who helped her financially and for that Hatfield was grateful for the help she received from her competition coaches and high school coach.

“My mom, the financial needs for competition cheer was crazy but she always made it work because she knew it was my dream,” Hatfield said. “My whole family has backed me up and have always been my biggest supporters and they go to all the competitions and go to the games even though it might not be as much fun for them but I’m glad I made my dream come true.”

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