Gentry Cox

Gentry Cox takes a shot at Duncan Golf & Tennis Club previously. She earned several honors this week including All-State and Golf Hall of Fame Scholarship.

Duncan senior golfer Gentry Cox earned accolades this week when she received the Oklahoma Golf Hall of Fame Scholarship and All-State honor to cap off her great career at Duncan High School.

Cox received the call notifying her she was one of two winners in the state of Oklahoma for a $5,000 scholarship from Oklahoma Golf. She said she’s happy to have played a sport that has helped her in life.

“When I got the call, my first reaction was super excited and I felt really grateful and honored that I was selected for a prestigious and great award,” Cox said. “My brother played when I was younger and that was how I was introduced to the sport. Honestly playing golf or deciding to play golf and give it a chance is probably one of the best decisions I have made.”

During her career at Duncan High School, Cox was a part of two state championship teams and a state runner-up. She said the lessons learned and friendships established became a highlight of her career.

“I have met my absolute best friends through the sport and it has shown me so many things and it has shown me so many different sides of myself that I have never seen before,” Cox said. “It has taught me countless things and it has taught me how to preserve and be positive and kind of make the most out of every situation. Golf is a great sport and I’m so grateful that I played it throughout these years.”

Earlier in the week, Cox, alongside her best friend Lynlee Graham, made the West Golf Girls All-State team. Receiving the honor with Graham also became a fond memory for Cox, despite the All-State tournament cancellation.

“That was also a huge announcement and I was so grateful to be selected for that as well, especially alongside Lynlee who is my best friend. Just the opportunity to go and represent Duncan — it was awesome and just amazing,” Cox said. “Unfortunately it got canceled but just knowing I was selected out of so many girls, it is a great honor.”

In her freshman year, Cox took part on the Lady Demons team that won a Class 5A State Championship on a playoff hole and took their second straight state title while she finished and tied for fourth individually.

Injuries happened in her junior season and despite a tough junior season and not finishing the senior season because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cox said she wouldn’t trade a moment of her career.

“My career was full of ups and downs but I had an amazing career and Duncan has an amazing golf program with all of our coaches and they put everything into their players and they would do anything for us so I think I do all it owe to the coaches and the girls,” Cox said. “We have a great bond and I have never seen a team with such a great bond every single year and my career was amazing and I wouldn’t trade my career for anything.”

Cox, who will attend the University of Oklahoma in the fall and begin a multidisciplinary degree with a pre-med emphasis, said she had a great support system and thanked them for her career.

“My family, my mom, my dad and my brother — they are my biggest supporters and they push me everyday to be the best Gentry that I can be,” Cox said. “They are there for me all of the time through the highs, the lows and everything. They’ve influenced me more than anyone in my life and I couldn’t thank them enough. Then, of course, my coaches Mike Hansen the pro at Duncan Golf & Tennis Club and Coach Josh Harris who was my Coach from sophomore to senior year and then Coach Robert Cowan who was my coach freshman year. They raised a great program and I was super super blessed to come through it and they give everything to their players and they would do anything for us and are very encouraging. Mike would give me weekly lessons and eventually would become one of my best friends and someone I could turn to and talk about golf and how mentally tough it is. Those people inspired me to be the person I am on and off the course.”

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