Jaxon Gregston

Jaxon Gregston takes a grocery cart out during the Duncan Demons Day of Service Saturday morning at Wal-Mart.

Before the opening kick-off of the 2019 season, the Duncan Demons football team gathered together this past Saturday to carry groceries for customers then they took time Monday to organize school supplies bins for distribution.

It is the second year that the Demons football team spent a Saturday morning at Wal-Mart handing out water bottles and carrying groceries out to cars after resident’s shopping sprees.

Around 10-15 players and coaches arrived about 10:30 a.m. and worked for an hour and a half giving back to the community that supports them every Friday evening during the fall season.

Javion Dangerfield, a senior this fall for the Duncan Demons football team, was one of several players who was happy about giving back his time to the people.

“The community does a lot for our football team, a lot more than we know actually. I feel like doing something like this to give back,” Dangerfield said. “I think this is really nice and doing something without a price to do something, just to do it and have fun while helping out is good.”

Several of the people that the players helped tried to give donations to the Duncan High School football team, but Dangerfield and the rest of his teammates were happy to help without taking any money.

“It is actually rather nice to see people who are like ‘oh wow you are just doing this.’ One person made a comment and said that there are not that many nice people in this world,” Dangerfield said. “So for them to be just like ‘oh wow these young men on this football team are doing this just because’ really shows a reflection of what kind of players we are and what kind of people we are.”

After finishing up Saturday, several of the players were out helping the community again, this time setting up the boxes for the Duncan Public Schools Foundation teacher classroom supply donations.

Duncan Demons head coach JT Cobble, who is entering his second season with the team, said he is proud of his team jumping in and helping out and said it is a way to say thanks to the community.

“We try and give back and do things for the school and community any chance we get,” Cobble said. “They support us every Friday night and pack the stadium win or lose, so it’s the least we can do.”

Last year, Duncan Football went 9-2 in the regular season. All summer the team has had several in attendance during summer pride and workouts, which will continue the next few weeks to finish out the month of July. The first official practice begins August 12.