Hand off

Duncan football begins their final preparation of the 2019 season in a home scrimmage against Woodward after playing last week in Cache.

With a week and half left until the regular season begins for Duncan Demons football, the team is ready for a final tuneup this evening at Halliburton Stadium for a scrimmage against Woodward.

Spending last Thursday on the road against Cache who the Demons have played several times in the pre-season, it has been a few years since the Demons and Woodward tied it up in football action.

Demons second year coach JT Cobble knows that the Demons players and coaches are ready to show the home crowd their final pre-season preparation for 2019 kickoff.

“This is our last chance to get some guys kind of a full look before playing in a real live game,” Cobble said. “We had our scrimmage last week against Cache and we have had quite a few things we have had to fix. We are going to spend this week to fix things and we are able to see in live action what kids will make adjustments and take the coaching while taking the criticism and apply that to a game situation while making them better and the team better.”

Although Cobble at Duncan hasn’t seen Woodward play, he knows that they will be ready to play this evening and has said that their team will do things differently but will give the Demons a good look.

“Woodward is a good football program. They are under the guidance of a new coach this year in Coach Leutjen and he is a good coach. I know him and I know those kids will be ready to play,” Cobble said. “They do some exotic stuff on defense and for that matter on offense so it is something we may or may not see down the road I’m not sure but it will be a good test for us. If nothing else, just to see if we can adjust to some of the stuff we do. We will be playing half a game or a live quarter so it will pretty much be a game on that Thursday night. Woodward is a 5A program and they were on the brink of the playoffs that their last game was win or lose and you’re out. So it is a good test to see where we are at and kind of have an idea about going into the season.”

With the Demons playing at 6 p.m. this evening at home and then opening the season at home against Putnam City West, Cobble said he hopes the home crowd will be there and ready for 2019.

“I think we ended the season on a good note last year and we obviously didn’t win our home playoff game but we were able to host one and the turnout from the fans perspective was great,” Cobble said. “The fans got a little more full each home game we had and I think it is going to be nice weather and the kids are excited and the community is excited. We have sold a lot of season tickets so far and I think people are wanting to come out and see what this years team is about.”

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