Dirt Divas

After making contact, one of the girls from the Dirt Divas runs to first base to try and make it safely as their team was recently named Xpress Wellness Team of The Week.

When a team comes together to play and learn the sport of softball, it usually takes some time, but the Dirt Divas U8 team who plays in Comanche has taken home the Xpress Wellness Team of Week award.

Coached by Aaron Minor and Brooklin Bain, the Dirt Divas have played this 2020 season with about 11 girls on the team with half of them playing together for the second year and the other half playing for the first time ever.

Minor said recent games in previous weeks showed major improvement for the team.

“My goal personally for them is to make sure they get better and of course it is nice to win games but in the big scheme of things … we are just trying to get them better,” Minor said. “It is kind of fun to watch them because at this age they are absorbing all of the information they can so it is just fun to watch them actually improve a little bit.”

While they were supposed to play this last Monday, the Dirt Divas canceled their games due to one of their members of the team passing away in a tragic accident over the weekend.

The same Monday, Comanche Sports Group, LLC dedicated all gate entry fees and concession fees to the family affected by the Tragedy. Likewise, umpires donated their game fees back to the family affected by the tragedy to honor the Dirt Divas team member.

Minor said the team will finish the season in the player’s honor. He knows the ultimate goal is to let the team have fun while playing the game of softball.

“Our last game, we were actually getting out there hitting the ball and putting into play and in the field they are making plays and the improvement in general is what I have noticed from them,” Minor said. “We want to continue to improve and each girl has been working hard and they want to be good at softball and they want to improve. The main thing I want for them is not necessarily to win the tournament, but just to play hard and improve and have fun. I want them to have fun in this game and I want them to enjoy so they will keep doing it and want to do it.”

The end of the season tournament will be the last week of June. Minor said his team is ready to honor their teammate in whatever way they can and hopes that the team will play well during their game.

“We have gathered up all of the jerseys to put (her) number on them and we are going to honor her in that way wearing the number three,” Minor said. “We are still getting together and we are going to do some things to honor her, whether it is her parents or brother, and we are still working on that. We want to get better and honor (her).”

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