Bryson Brooksher

Bryson Brooksher goes up for a catch during the Demons win last week against Southeast. Duncan will host Eisenhower in the playoff opener in 2020.

The last several weeks have seen Duncan rebound and win two games in a row while allowing less than 10 points from the opponents. Now, the Demons prepare to host Eisenhower in the 2020 playoff opener.

Duncan beat Altus 35-7 to rebound after their only district loss of the season. This past Friday, the Demons won 42-9 to take care of business on their end in the hunt for playoff positioning.

Scoring 21 points in the first-half and then scoring 21 points alone in the third quarter, the Demons got two offensive touchdowns from Tate Wilkins and Kenny Garland while Desmond Pettit broke off a huge run to score a touchdown to help the Demons to the win.

Demons head coach JT Cobble said he was pleased with the team taking the victory over Southeast and knows his team is ready for a tough competitor in Eisenhower.

“We wanted to come out last week and play solid good football and we kind of knew going into the game that all things were equal, that we were probably the better football team,” Cobble said. “But at the same time we also know that Southeast had beat Altus and they would have athletes all over the place, which they did. So they were a team that we took very seriously and we had a good week in practice. The first-half was a little sloppy but the kids did a good job coming in at halftime and re-grouping and coming out to play a good second-half of football heading into the playoffs.”

Eisenhower, who comes off their first game in a few weeks after quarantine, is in the playoffs as the No. 6 seed. The Eagles saw a loss to the defending Class 5A State Champions.

Cobble knows it will be a tough task to face Eisenhower and is relying on the running game the Demons have used as an advantage in their four victories this season.

“They have a really good running back and I think he has around 600-700 yards for the year and they have a quarterback that doesn’t like to run very much and can throw it really well to his receivers,” Cobble said. “Their defense plays really hard and they fly to the football and play with an attitude with a chip on their shoulder, so they are really geared up to stop the run, which is what we like to do most is run the football. So something is going to have to give on one side of the ball or the other and we will have to see on Friday night who wants it more and who is going to go that extra mile and hopefully it will be us.”

With the defense for the Demons getting better every week since their last loss, Cobble said the hope is that Duncan will keep the momentum they have in order to keep Eisenhower’s offense on their toes.

“The defense is starting to click and play well and we had some guys in new positions early in the year and then we missed two games and then we missed some practice with the weather and so it has been an inconsistent time as far as trying to get a flow going,” Cobble said. “We finally have gotten that in the last three weeks and we have been able to be out there every day and they are starting to click and play off each other.”

Cobble said the team understands the importance of this win-or-go-home game.

“We have put on our scouting report this week that our record is 0-0 and it doesn’t matter if we went 0-7 or 4-3 or 6-1. It doesn’t matter, we are 0-0 right now and if we want to keep playing, we’ve got to win,” Cobble said. “The kids are really taking that and understanding it and making sure every day of practice is good and high energy and hopefully that will flow into Friday’s game.”

The game will start at 7 p.m. Nov. 13 at Halliburton Stadium and the 12th Man Club will offer a tailgate to start off the game.

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