Tyson Walker

Tyson Walker tries to shed a tackle during the first scrimmage of the season. Now, the Demons gear up for the season opener this week against Lawton.

The atmosphere will most likely be a little different but for the Duncan Demons, once the kickoff is complete, it will be back to the normal return of football season.

One of the unusual things this season will bring is Senior Night at the opening game rather than the final home game of the year to honor the Class of 2021.

Third year head coach JT Cobble said he is ready to get the season going while also knowing that his priority is to give the Class of 2021 a chance to celebrate them.

“These seniors have been through a lot of stuff. They have been through a school year that had to get cut short last year and a lot of them have been through not being able to play a baseball season,” Cobble said. “They have all been through not being able to do a spring football season or any kind of team camp this summer. You add it in to the fact of they pretty much spent all summer with the unknown. The’ve kind of been on pins and needles for a long time and it has now come all full circle and at least for now, we will get to play a football game. It is vital for those seniors to get recognized.”

Having a home scrimmage against Cache and then last week having a road scrimmage against Marlow, the Demons will look to build on the previous two years of making it into the playoffs.

The opener will come against Lawton High School and will be the first time these teams have faced each other since 1987.

Cobble said previous scrimmages helped prepare them for the 2020 season.

“We came out against Cache and I don’t feel like … we had our football wings under us and I feel like we were getting the first team to play in the first time forever,” Cobble said. “We spent a lot of time that next week in practice while focusing on the offensive line being a cohesive group and making sure our quarterback is on the same page as our wide receivers. We also made sure that our linebackers get the right calls to the defensive line and so on. We came out against Marlow and that was one of the most aggressive hard hitting scrimmages I have ever been a part of. It was a really fun atmosphere for a scrimmage.”

Ryan Breeze is in his third season with the Wolverines at Lawton High School and Cobble said he respects what the program looks like and knows it will be a tough test for the Demons.

“Coach Breeze has done a great job of implementing a program over there,” Cobble said. “Those kids are in the same boat that we are and they understand the program he wants and he runs a good program with a good tight ship. At the end of the day, they’ve still got to snap the ball like we do. They are big and fast and they have scrimmaged against two great teams in Guthrie and Ardmore and they held their own in both of them. We are by no means going to bow down to them because they are 6A because we are a high quality good size 5A team so it should be a clash of two good football teams.”

Cobble said he is ready to start 2020’s football season.

“For me personally it is very exciting and it has been a long time,” Cobble said. “We weren’t sure if we were going to get to have a football season so I think you double that excitement for the kids. Especially for these seniors, it is finally here for them they have put in three years of hard work in football and they have done that time and have done two hard summer prides underneath me each summer and then now they will get to see the fruit of their labors.”

Senior Night will happen before the kick off of the game and the game will begin around 7 p.m. Sept. 4.

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