Desmond Pettit

Desmond Pettit runs around a tackler in this past Friday’s first practice as the Demons prepare for their first scrimmage Thursday evening at Cache.

With a week and a half of practice in, the Duncan Demons football team is ready for live action as they head to Cache Thursday evening for the first of two scrimmages in preparation for the 2019 season.

Coming off a 9-2 season a year ago, the Demons have been trying to answer the questions of how to fill spots left behind from the 2019 senior class who occupied them.

Demons head coach JT Cobble, who his entering his second season with Duncan, said that practice has gone well and the team is looking forward to the scrimmage.

“Practices are a little bit different going into this year because there are some kids that we know what we have and what we are going to get from them on Friday nights and what to expect from them,” Cobble said.  “Then, there is another group of kids that is all new, we are not quite sure what to expect from them and you know they look good in practice. But practice isn’t really where you could tell for sure how they are going to go and how aggressive they are going to be because we don’t ever go live that much and when we do go live it is still not going to be live as far as going against another team. The scrimmage on Thursday, we hope first and foremost to keep everyone injury free and come out of the scrimmage no injury.”

Cobble also said the second thing they will be looking for is the new kids and they will have to play important positions to see their attitude.

The Demons will play Cache in Thursday’s scrimmage and this is the second year that both teams will start their pre-season off against each other.

Last year the Bulldogs went 8-3 and Cobble knows that the Demons and Cache will have some similar positions they need to fill and he said the scrimmage will tell both teams what they need.

“Coach Griffin has done a great job over there at Cache. We know what we are getting with them and it is going to be a group of kids that are going to play hard no matter what, no matter who is out there and they are going try and win,” Cobble said. “The scoreboard won’t probably be on but at the end of the scrimmage you can kind of tell who won and who didn’t. He is in the same situation we are as far as offensive line and he has to replace some key guys up there and the Nunley guy is gone so he has some important positions he has to replace.”

With the scrimmage starting at 7 p.m. Thursday at Cache due to heat, Cobble said the kids are excited and feel ready to show off their skills.

“There is no doubt that they are excited. They were very disappointed to find out on Friday when we were able to put the pads on that we were not going to do the Oklahoma drill,” Cobble said. “The farther I get into my career the less chances I want to take. We already have a couple of kids that are injured. We chose not to do the Oklahoma Drill on Friday to lay off on the contact. We got after it a little bit on Friday as far as some individual situations and stuff like that. They know on Thursday that we are going against another team and I have told them that I want to win the scrimmage as well so that is their attitude.”

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