Offensive Line

Duncan Demons offensive line blocks some of the Cache players during Thursday evenings scrimmage between the two teams.

With the season less than two weeks away, the Duncan Demons football team had their chance to look at the scrimmage against Cache High School Thursday evening.

This is the second year that both teams have played each other and both the Demons and the Bulldogs have several pieces that are needing to be replaced and was on full display.

Demons second year coach JT Cobble got a look at the 2019 squad and was pleased to come out of the scrimmage with no injuries in the first set of live action.

“Like I had told you before, the scrimmage is the first thing that I liked. We came out of it injury free and that is the big key in any scrimmage or games is to get out of there with no injuries and all of your players healthy,” Cobble said. “It was a little bit of a weird scrimmage where both teams weren’t quite sure what to expect from the other. We know that they lost some important keys guys and they knew that we lost some important key guys. So we took a while feeling each other out. It was just kind of back and forth deal like four or five yards here and there from both teams. Neither team scored a touchdown the entire night and I liked the effort from our guys and I liked the fact they were aggressive.”

Cobble said that he was pleased with the Demons movements and some mistakes were made, however, he said that the offensive line and has a list of things that need some tweaks.

“It took them a little while to get going. All of them, every single one of them, this was their first live action against another team starting for the offensive line,” Cobble said. “They were a little wide eye at the beginning, it took them a while to get calmed down and get settled down. We went in there being very vanilla and only ran three run plays and you know they made the right checks at the line. Our center Zack Schreckengost, he made the right calls and the right combo blocks based on the plays we were running and the defense they were giving us.”

Despite no touchdowns being scored, Cobble said that they will work on some of the mistakes made in the passing blocking schemes and he knew that everyone, including Jaxon Gregston and the receiver core, will get in sync.

Cobble said that the running backs also had a good scrimmage and they will need to work on gaining four or five yards rather than go for a big play all the time.

“Most of it is just stuff that practice and reps are going to fix and if they didn’t play hard or they didn’t have the right attitude that would be something we couldn’t fix, but I don’t think that was the case for them,” Cobble said. “We are going to watch film today (Friday) and Coach Oliver is going to watch film with the defense which they did ok last night. Cache runs an offense that we are not going to see again and we didn’t spend a lot of time in practice because we are not going to play them in a game.”

The defense had three or four interceptions according to Cobble and the scrimmage ended once both coaches saw what they were looking for and it ended it early before a live quarter.

With their second scrimmage being at 6 p.m. Thursday at home against Woodward, the Demons will be on a short week to prepare as the final tuneup before the season opens on September 6th.

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