Crue Garrett

Crue Garret rushes past the Wilson defender as the Comets won that game in route to a perfect 10-0 season. Velma-Alma will open the playoffs this week at home against Cyril.

Velma-Alma soared through the regular season unblemished with a record of 10-0 and now will take flight in the Class B Playoffs this Friday as they host Cyril.

The Comets are led by senior quarterback Tristan Wainscott, who has been the star of the show at Velma-Alma, and he and his teammates set a pretty high goal at the beginning of the year.

After completing the perfect season last week by beating Southwest Covenant 62-14, head coach Randy Norton took pride in the undefeated season and believes this team is really special.

“It feels awesome to be undefeated and looking at the beginning of the year, we had enough new faces back in the summer we knew there was a chance we could go undefeated but there was also a chance we could go 7-3, 6-4 depending on how the new guys developed,” Norton said. “They have really come around for us and we are real happy about it and that was our goal — to win them all if you can, and not a lot of people could do that, so we feel really good about it.”

Wainscott along with Lane Jones led the team with the start of the first half lead of 37-0 and as the year progressed, Wainscott averaged about 19 yards per carry along with 35 touchdowns.

Jones is close behind, just shy of 1,000 yards rushing and Crue Garrett also joined the offense by rushing and receiving the ball during the game against Southwest Covenant.

“I don’t think Wainscott has played a full game and probably about four to five games Wainscott has played one or two series after half,” Norton said. “He is just so explosive and if he gets to the second or third level, there is a chance he takes it to the house.”

With the shutout of the first half and only allowing two touchdowns in the second half, Norton said the defense has been extra special along with the offense playing hard in 2021.

“We have had a good scheme and didn’t allow anything before half and had some first downs in the first half and they couldn’t be consistent on anything,” Norton said. “Langston Walker got an interception and when you throw it in the air and get an interception, that is a pretty big deterrent to the other coach.”

Looking at their playoff opponent, the Comets will face a Cyril team that just dropped its regular season finale to Empire, and Norton believes their offense runs on a two-quarterback system.

“They will go double tight, kind of a power look, and they will also spread it out and they don’t have a lot of formations, but the ones they do, it is one extreme or the other,” Norton said. “They have 14-15 players and battled injuries all year, so I watched them a couple of weeks ago and have film on them with them playing hard. It is a playoff game and they did what they had to do to get in the playoffs, and we are not going to take anybody lightly because we can’t afford to at this time of the year.”

 With the Comets getting to the quarterfinals a year ago, Norton knows this team aims to meet the goal of making it to the title game.

“We just have to get better every week and we kind of went back to not just every week but we need to get better every practice,” Norton said. “Progressively each week you feel like for the most part you will play better and better teams every week so obviously they are getting better and you have to match that. Every day you have to have the goal is you have to get better.”

Kick-off will take place at 7 p.m. Nov. 12 at home against the Pirates.

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