Tristan Wainscott

Tristan Wainscott faces pressure and throws the football Friday night when the Velma-Alma Comets won 50-34 over Southwest Covenant to take the district title.

Facing off for the district championship against Southwest Covenant, the Velma-Alma Comets rolled on to the title after winning 50-34 over the visiting Patriots.

It did not start off well for the Comets, as Southwest Covenant’s Tyler Kelly found the gap up the middle and took it to the end zone for a 32-yard touchdown with the two-point no good to lead 6-0 over Velma-Alma. 

Tristan Wainscott had an answer for the touchdown as he broke off an 26-yard touchdown to even the game at six and also converted the two-point lead to take the 8-6 lead with five minutes left in the first quarter.

Kelly and the Patriots quickly answered back, putting together another scoring drive with back-to-back runs of over 15 yards.

Southwest Covenant’s Bryson Ford, after the long runs, punched in a score of his own and after an unsuccessful two-point conversion, they led 12-8 over Velma-Alma.

The passing game ended up being a big tool for the Comets as Velma-Alma quarterback Wainscott found Austin Hunt for a 44-yard touchdown to begin a back-and-forth battle.

Wainscott converted the two-point play and scrambled to find a big pass to Cooper Keck, who caught it in the back of the end zone to take a slim 16-12 lead over Southwest Covenant.

Southwest Covenant found success running the ball with Ford taking the ball to the end zone. After another failed two-point conversion, they held the 18-16 lead over Velma-Alma.

After a few four-and-out defensive stands, Wainscott got the Comets back in the game as he gashed the Patriots with a 45-yard rushing touchdown.

Faling to convert the two-point conversion, the Comets held the four point lead at 22-18 heading into the second half of action.

Having the ball to start the second half, V-A looked to create some distance as Wainscott stood in the pocket and delivered a 22-yard strike to Keck to give Velma-Alma some traction.

Wainscott, a few plays later, got his third rushing score of the night, this time going for 20 yards. Though failing to convert on the two-point conversion, the team led by 10 points at 28-18. 

A special teams play for Southwest Covenant saw Kelly return the ball to the 27-yard line, however Velma-Alma’s defense came up with a big play as Dylan Hurst intercepted the pass to take possession.

Garrett Emerick and Wainscott helped lead the way for Comets as they gashed the defense to help lead to the next score for Velma-Alma.

Keck got his first score of the game, catching a 21-yard touchdown throw from Wainscott to make it two passing touchdowns for the quarterback.

Converting on their first two-point play in a couple of drives, the Comets led 38-18 heading to the fourth and final quarter of play.

Southwest Covenant answered with a touchdown of their own and got the two-point conversion as Velma-Alma held a 10 point lead at 36-26 midway through the fourth quarter.

The next score for the Comets came from Emerick, who ran the ball in from 13 yards out to pad the lead for the Comets with the two-point no good and Velma-Alma leading 42-28 with 5:30 left in the game.

Southwest Covenant got a final score for the night next as Ford scored his second touchdown of the game and set up a must have two-point conversion for the next play.

Leading 42-34, the Comets got a big first reception from Gage Swisher as he caught a 66-yard touchdown from Wainscott to ice the game for the Comets.

Wainscott hit Hunt for the two-point conversion and won 50-34 over the Patriots, taking home the district championship.

The victory gives the Comets the bye for the play-in round as they are the No. 1 seed. V-A will use the time to ready to host the winner of Strother-Snyder.

Currently, the time scheduled for Velma-Alma’s first playoff game will be at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 20 at Velma-Alma, but could change if both teams agree to a time change.

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