Velma team coming out

The Velma-Alma Comets run on to the field in the early season action. They have their record at 6-0 heading into the bye week and their next game will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 25 at Velma-Alma.

The last three games for the Velma-Alma Comets offense has seen an offensive push. They have scored more than 50 points and continued with a 74-44 victory over Wellston this past Friday.

Having the most points scored in 2019 this year, the Comets are soaring high with a 6-0 record heading into the bye week and three more games left on the year.

Comets head coach Randy Norton said he was proud of the way the offense had been executing their plays and knew there are a few things to work on defensively.

“It was a high scoring game and offensively we just executed very well. I believe in the last two games we are 25-for-27 on passes with two incompletions in the last two games which is excellent,” Norton said. “We knew that Wellston would have a good offense and we knew they have scored a lot of points. Our goal was to hold them to less than 20 and we obviously didn’t get that done but holding them to 44 is good enough.”

Tristan Wainscott continued his high performance in the passing game getting the ball through the air and also having some good running game from Garrett Emerick and Dylan Hurst.

Having seven touchdowns during the game, several of them came from Austin Hunt, Cooper Keck had scored on receiving touchdowns along with Gage Swisher for the Comets.

The Comets last undefeated regular season came in 2010 when Velma-Alma reached 9-0 in the regular season with a tie and their best regular season start since 2015.

Norton said that winning has been a great thing for the program after several bad seasons and the community is still coming out to support the players, which he feels support is at an all-time high.

“All I have heard is positives and I think for the most part the community, once the decision was made, got behind the decision to move to 8-man,” Norton said. “We as coaches and a school want to put our kids in the best place to be successful. Now that we have won six straight games in a row I think they are excited about it and the kids are excited about the start.”

The next opponent for the Comets after their bye week this week will be at home against Hollis.

Norton said this week the practices have been light to help the kids stay active but he knows that the game will be another tough match for his team and believes he will have them prepared.

“Hollis has an offense that is a little bit different than what we have been seeing and it is kind of a flex bone look,” Norton said. “They are a physical team and their offensive line comes off the ball low, hard and fast. Coach Box is doing a great job over there and are coached really well. Once we get lined up to the two or three formations they do have it is going to be a physical ball game and we are trying to get our kids ready for that.”

Kick-off for the Comets will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 25 with Velma-Alma looking to improve their season record to 7-0 on the 2019 season.

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