Duncan Football Field

New fences were installed along the Halliburton track last week, and the facility will be locked up all this week before being reopened next week with new rules in place to better protect the playing surfaces at Duncan Public Schools.

With Duncan Public Schools starting back practice on the football field at Halliburton Stadium, the general public might be close to a lockout as the Athletic Department is hoping people be courteous to the fields.

Duncan Athletic Coordinator Bobby Cook was told by some of the football coaches that they found animal excrement on the turf and he is now looking at closing access to the stadium all together.

Back in July, the Duncan High School fields were locked up for Dead Week that the OSSAA had implemented and Cook said they had installed some new fences to limit the involuntary traffic.

The turf at Duncan’s Halliburton Field was installed right before the 2017 season through donations from the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation, private donors and administration at Duncan Public Schools.

Cook is hoping the community members who use the track will be mindful of helping keep the fields clean and taken care of by the people who use the track or field.

“We want the track to be open for the public, and we are going to transition back to that in hopes that our turf will be taken care of,” Cook said. “At no point do we ever want to limit any of the youth leagues or our public, because we want to be transparent and as helpful to the general public as we possibly can. With that being said, I would sure hope that people will understand that we have to be mindful of what we have.”

According to Duncan City Code 4-306, “The owner of every animal shall be responsible of any excreta or other animal waste or refuse deposited by his animal on public walks, recreation areas or private property.”

It also states that, “Manure, excreta or other animal waste or revues may be deposited in trash, refuse or garbage receptacles only if such waste and refuse is placed in a tightly sealed plastic bag or other similar airtight and flyproof container. (Ord. 1510-8-8-2000).”

Duncan Public Schools Athletic fields can currently be accessed with a form filled out at the Duncan High School office and at this time the track will be open.

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