Morgan Egger

Morgan Egger holds all the trophies that the Lady Comets cheer team earned at a recent camp. She was named All-American and will now travel to London to represent her community.

Morgan Egger, a senior for the Velma-Alma Lady Comets cheer squad, will get an opportunity of a lifetime; she will cheer for Oklahoma as an All-American in the London New Year’s Parade.

Egger and her Lady Comets went to the Universal Cheerleaders Association Camp in Dallas, Texas where she was one of 13 cheerleaders gaining the All-American status and who will make the trip.

Egger has been a cheerleader since the sixth grade and will be the captain for the Lady Comets cheerleading team in 2019-2020. She is excited for the opportunity to represent.

“The day before the last day is when you have All-American tryouts, so basically you tryout in groups of five. I can’t tell you how many girls in the senior group tried but there was a lot,” Egger said. “You perform your best jump, a dance and a cheer that they teach you there and at the end of the day they will call you up and tell you if you made that. You get a little medal and a pamphlet on how you made it. To me, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity because I’m a senior and this was the only time I made it. I’m super excited and super grateful for it.”

Being the only team from Oklahoma at the camp, Egger became the only Oklahoma representative and she thinks this will be something she won’t take lightly as a representative for her state.

“Not only is it really cool that I get to represent my school and my community, but I get to represent my country in London as well,” Egger said. “I’m just super excited and really grateful for it and just thrilled that all my hard work has finally paid off.”

While the company who is sponsoring the trip will be paying for the jersey that Egger will wear during the parade, she is going to need to have the money for the trip to London during the holiday season.

“I have actually started a GoFundMe. I’m selling all kinds of stuff and right now I’m selling those car fresheners to raise money as well,” Egger said. “Basically, I’m just raising money for the plane ticket, hotel and the food costs with stuff like that. I don’t have a specific amount that I want to raise but anything will help.”

Egger said none of this would be possible without her coach, LaDonna Sanders, who has been a big part of her success over the years.

“What it means to me, I know that I said I am grateful, but honestly that’s all I am is really grateful,” Egger said. “My coach and Velma didn’t really have a cheer program a few years ago and my coach really came in, stepped up and made our cheer program what it is. Last year was our first year to compete in state and we got 8th. We are learning our routine for this year soon. Last year another Velma girl was named All-American, she was the first one. This year I was the Oklahoma girl and Velma girl to be named All-American. I wouldn’t be able to do all this without my coach so like I said, I am grateful and thankful. I’m excited to see all my hard work pay off in this sport.”

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