Brew with family

Signing her letter of intent, Hanna Brew will join former teammate Kyleigh Bowers at Murray State to play college soccer for the next couple of years.

Playing all four seasons for the Duncan Lady Demons soccer team, senior captain Hanna Brew will be joining a former Duncan teammate who is now the assistant at Murray State College.

Brew played with Murray State assistant coach Kyleigh Bowers during her freshman and sophomore year of high school and chose to sign to play college soccer at the school.

Playing since she was a little kid, Brew knew that soccer has always been a passion and loves the fact she gets to continue to play in college.

“I’ve always had a passion for soccer and I have always known that I wanted to go farther,” Brew said. “I got in contact with Kyleigh Bowers and she offered me to come and talk with their coach and come practice with them. So I went to practice with them and my coach now offered me and I accepted it and I have been excited for it ever since.”

Lady Demons soccer head coach Dillon Southerland has been Brew’s coach for the last two years and he knew with all the work that she has put in this was always the destination to play at college.

“Hanna Brew has worked very hard to earn this opportunity to play at Murray State. Every year she has matured as a person/player and has dedicated a lot of her free time improving on her skills,” Southerland said. “She also grew into being a good leader for our underclassman. She has the desire and passion for soccer that will continue to push her to be the best she can be and I’m glad I was able to help her along her high school career.”

She will join her high school teammate Kaylee Foster who also signed to play at Murray State just a few feet away and Brew feels blessed to get to represent Duncan.

“It means a lot because I don’t think a lot of people from Duncan go far. I think it’s just like a small town thing,” Brew said. “I think it means a lot whenever someone is committed to a sport to go play up to the next level and even higher.”

With her joining Murray State this fall, Brew said her mother and sister who also played soccer joined to be role models for her while playing and thanked her coaches for getting her to this point.

“Kyleigh Bowers has been a role model for me on and off the field, my mom, and my sister also played soccer in high school, so she was a big role model for me to play,” Brew said. “I want to thank my mom and sister for helping me to get here and I want to thank my college coach for accepting me and bringing me in.”

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