Kaily Early

Kaily Early battles against an Empire defender in the Bray-Doyle Lady Donkeys season opener.

After months of discussion and voting, Bray-Doyle Public Schools officially decided in their recent Board of Education meeting to leave the Stephens County Tournament field with a 3-2 vote.

In February, the school board started to discuss the possibility of leaving the tournament but the board and the district received opposition and put it back on the meeting agenda for this past Monday.

Bray-Doyle Athletic Director Frank Moser presented the reasoning behind getting out of the tournament was in order to build the basketball programs back up for a few years then get back into it and the board voted to go with the recommendation.

Superintendent David Eads had received a call from the Stephens County Athletic Association asking what the verdict was and he told the board the Stephens County Athletic Association said if they were to get out with this late of notice it would put them in a bind and they would take away the Junior High County Tournament hosting away from the district.

Eads told the board that with the news from the Stephens County Athletic Association plus calls made to the district, they needed to put it back on the agenda for the board to vote on. 

“I had some requests to put this back on here. Some people have a feeling this item was snuck in and other people are not too happy with it,” Eads said. “You guys can vote on it again and you can discuss it or you can discuss it and not on vote it again and you can say you don’t want to discuss it or do whatever you want to do.”

One of the newer board members brought up that getting out of the Stephens County Tournament wasn’t a good decision and if the school was getting out because they hadn’t won in a while then they should cancel everything they haven’t won in a long time.

He mentioned that this was teaching the kids a lesson that if you don’t win then you can move on and do something else and he didn’t agree with the decision to leave the tournament.

Eads said in the call about the Junior High Tournament being taken away that they were having a lot of problems replacing Bray-Doyle because of the late notice.

Schedules are typically done in the fall according to Eads and the Association and he thinks it was a wasn’t a good idea to leave the County Tournament in a bad situation.

“They would rather we stayed in it one more year now because it is so late to schedule other teams to replace us,” Eads said. “They don’t want the tournament to fail and then get out if we want too but to let them know by this fall if we are going to get out so they can have time to recruit other schools.”

One of the board members said the Association was using a scare tactic on not letting them back in the tournament and told Eads he didn’t understand why this was back on the agenda.

Eads told the board the Association wasn’t playing around and had already taken away the Junior High Tournament and that there was no reason to believe they would let them back in.

“They have already taken the junior high county tournament away from us. They called me the day after our board meeting and told me that. They asked me what the verdict was and I told them and they had their meetings and it is like a board meeting,” Eads said. “I don’t want Bray-Doyle to be the reason the tournament falls and I think if we are going to get out I think we should stay in it but if we are going to get out then I think we need to do so with manners and give them time with advance notice so they can do something about it.”

When Eads finished his statement the board called for a vote and the first two members voted yes to stay in but the third and fourth members voted no to tie it up at two apiece.

The Board President then took his time deciding to vote no to keep Bray-Doyle out of the Stephens County Tournament for the next year.

The Stephens County Athletic Association said they were sad to see Bray-Doyle come to this decision but will move on and fill the tournament field out to the best of their ability.

2021 will be the 90th edition of the Stephens County Basketball tournament and this year it is set to take place at Marlow High School in January of 2021.

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