Alex Bowers

Alex Bowers returns a serve during her playing days at Oklahoma Baptist University. Bowers was recently selected as a member for the All-Decade team that was selected by coaches around Oklahoma. 

Early in January, the All-Decade team was picked by tennis coaches around Oklahoma and former Duncan athlete Alex Bowers was one of 10 honored for the girls All-Decade team.

During her high school career, Bowers won the first No.1 state singles title plus several regional championships and was also selected for All-State in her 2015 senior season.

Bowers just completed her collegiate career at Oklahoma Baptist University and said that when she found out about making the All-Decade team she had a wide range of emotions.

“When I found out that I made the All-Decade team, my initial reaction was a mixture of surprise and happiness,” Bowers said. “Just thinking about all of the deserving players in Oklahoma throughout the years, I felt so blessed to have been named as a recipient for this award. I’m so overwhelmingly grateful to be honored alongside the other top players in the state.”

Bowers said she had some great memories playing tennis and recognized Coach Phil Barnes and Coach Gene Aldridge who were big parts in her success.

“Tennis was a very big part of my life and it brought me some of my favorite memories throughout the years. Knowing that I was recognized as one of the top players of the decade is so special and meaningful to me,” Bowers said. “Coach Barnes and Gene were incredibly influential to me throughout my tennis career. I started taking lessons from them when I was very young so I developed a close relationship with both of them.”

Bowers said that you can see how both of them cared for her to be the best athlete.

“You could always tell how much they truly cared about their players and how much they loved tennis,” Bowers said. “There aren’t many rural towns in Oklahoma that have strong teams and it’s truly incredible to me that they were able to build such a strong program. To me, that shows how great their coaching abilities were.”

Bowers thanked her family and coaches and also said tennis taught her many life lessons throughout her career.

“Tennis was never something that came easy to me but it's something I loved to do and was very passionate about,” Bowers said. “It taught me that hard work and perseverance go a long way. These lessons have instilled in me the importance of a good work ethic in my daily life.”

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