Brooklyn Bostick

Brooklyn Bostick tees off during the All-State Competition as she finishes her high school career in Tulsa.

Winning three team titles and finishing up as runner up in her senior season, Brooklyn Bostick finished her Duncan High School golf career by representing the Lady Demons at All-State this past Monday.

Oklahoma Coaches Association started their weekly All-State competitions with golf and Bostick and the West team won with a score of 19-5 and dominated their competition with 3.5 points out of 4.

Bostick was teamed with other west representative Jaelynn Unger from Noble and faced off against Durant’s Blayne Barker and Abby Hunt in an 18 hole competition.

In the first six holes, the competition was a scramble format with the duo of Bostick and Unger shooting a 24 and Barker and Hunt shooting a 26 to get the one point in the first competition.

The second set of six holes was a best ball competition which had Bostick and Unger shooting a 23 while the Durant duo shot a 28 to take the 2-0 lead over the team from the east side of the state.

The last six holes competition was an alternate shot with both duos shooting 23 to score a half point each with the overall total for Bostick and Unger was a 70 together compared to their 78 getting the final overall point.

Duncan Lady Demons coach Josh Harris who watched as Bostick finished her career during the All-State Competition was proud of the way that the west side of the state dominated.

“It felt like a little bit of a payback from state for Brooklyn and Jaelynn to dominate the match the way they did,” Harris said. “They played really well on a tough course and the wind got to blowing and the girls just kept grinding it out. Very proud of Brooklyn and it was a privilege to be a part of her phenomenal career for Duncan High School. I wish her the best of luck at Troy University.”

Bostick said the All-State experience was fun and she was happy to play with Unger during Monday’s event. Bostick knew it was a very big honor to play in the tournament.

“It was just a lot of fun. It was a great way to kind of wrap up the whole high school season. I got paired to play with a girl from Noble who I had grew up playing with,” Bostick said. “We actually played in our very first tournament together so it was just a great way to wrap up this chapter in my life. It was an honor to play in it. I met so many new girls, it was just a great way to end things.”

As the time was winding down for the All-State Tournament, Bostick reflected on her high school career and is excited to start the next chapter playing collegiate golf at Troy University.

“It was just a bittersweet experience. I am so thankful for this opportunity that I have to be able to go to Troy, but for that to be the last time that Coach Harris would be walking beside me, it did really kind of make me emotional,” Bostick said. “I’ve had such a great experience of golfing as a Duncan Demon and I have met some of my really close friends I have made through golf. In all, it was pretty emotional for me, but if I hadn’t had learned from what I have being a Duncan Demon then I wouldn’t have this opportunity that I would have now.”

Bostick had just came back from orientation for college and said she will always be connected to Duncan and enjoys telling people about her hometown.

“It is amazing! I had just came back from my orientation and to be able to tell people that I am from Duncan, Oklahoma and I’m on the golf team is really a great honor,” Bostick said. “Everybody wanted to know where Duncan was at and how I came to Troy and to be able to do that is really an honor. Being able to play golf and be from Duncan is a way to keep my hometown connected to me while I go to college.”

Overall, the west side of the state won the All-State Competition as the Boys won 13-11 over the east side. The first set of All-State games took place at Cherokee Hills Golf Club in Tulsa.