Mayson Thiebaud

Mayson Thiebaud swims last year for Bison Aquatic Club at The Simmons Center. Bison Aquatic Club resumes their practices this summer as they prepare for the new season.  

Despite losing some of their spring season that leads to summer activities, the Bison Aquatic Club in Duncan has resumed training and accepting new members.

Despite COVID-19 canceling several summer events, Bison Aquatic Club out of Duncan has worked really hard while swimming in practices at The Simmons Center.

Bison Aquatic Club Coach Andrew Bowers said his club is happy to accept new members as they work to prepare for the finish of summer and start of winter seasons.

“The pool has been full of energy and the swimmers are working really hard,” Bowers said. “Everybody was really happy to be back in the water, so the attitudes, energy and effort have been fantastic. We had to take an almost three month break, so it’s taking some time to get back into condition, but nonetheless, it’s great to be back into a somewhat normal routine.”

While all of the summer competitions will not take place, they still can work for the Junior Olympics which hasn’t officially been canceled and is set for July.

Bowers said the training is for the possibility of Junior Olympics but if somehow it gets canceled, they will stay ahead of the game for the winter season.

“If it ends up being canceled, then we’re just going to be ahead of the curve for our winter season,” Bowers said.

Swimmers can begin at the age of 8. The group has members from the Marlow and Velma area and Bowers hopes to see many swimmers join the team.

“There are several new swimmers in the water, we have quite a few younger swimmers, so now is a perfect time to join,” Bowers said. “Bison Aquatic Club is a USA Swimming organization, the team is open to any swimmer in the area, starting around 8 years old and up. This is not just a Duncan team, we have several swimmers from Marlow and the Velma area as well. Practices are Monday through Friday at the Simmons Center.”

For more information about Bison Aquatic Club, contact Bowers either by e-mail at or by visiting the Bison website at

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