Micah Thompson

Micah Thompson is determined going into Saturday's state meet.

VELMA — Confident and determined are just a couple of words Micah Thompson uses to describe how she is feeling going into the Class A state track meet on Friday.

“I’m feeling pretty confident this week,” she said. “I’ve been working hard all year long and now that it’s finally here I’m feeling pretty good about it.”

As her first throw get closer, Thompson said she may get a little bit more nervous. She added she thinks she will place in the meet, but said there will be some stiff competition ahead.

“It’s the state meet so obviously everyone there is going to be good,” she said. “There’s a girl ( three time Class A state champion Hartley Carlisle) from Laverne and she’s probably one of the best throwers in Class A. She’s thrown around 150 feet, so she’s going to be really tough to beat, but anything can happen at the state meet.”

In each of the meets Thompson has competed in this year she has fared well and reached a new personal best during the Marlow track meet on April 5. During the meet Thompson threw for a distance of 127-11 to not only win first place in the meet, but also give her the Velma-Alma school record in discus.

“It felt really good when I broke the record because it has been something I’ve worked so hard on every year,” she said. “Courtney Chapman held the record (since 2000 with a distance of (122-9) and she was like my hero when I was younger, so it was really cool to be in the same position that she was in once.”

Thompson said after breaking the record, she wasn’t just satisfied with her throws and has continued to work hard and improve for this week’s meet.

“I’ve been trying to make more consistant throws and make each throw count,” Thompson said. “Last year in the Meet of Champions, I lost a place because I tied a girl (Carlisle) and her second throw was better than mine. This year I’ve tried to make every throw count.”

Thompson added Carlisle won’t be the only one she will be competing against this week, as she said her biggest threat out there is herself.

“I get down on myself a lot when I’m out there because I have such high expectations for myself and sometimes I don’t reach my own expectations,” she said. “There’s a lot of pressure out, but a lot of it I put on myself and sometimes you have to compete against yourself to do well. I always want to beat my throw from the last meet or do better with each throw and sometimes when I don’t it hurts me.”

With this being her final year throwing, Thompson said she didn’t always want to throw.

“When I was younger, coach told me to grow try throwing discus and I did it and have done it ever since,” Thompson said. “I don’t throw the shot put, I just throw disc because it’s just my thing. That first day it just clicked and it’s just something I’m good at.”

Velma-Alma coach Jerry Loveall said he has been proud of Micah and all she’s accomplished through the years.

“She has continued to improve each year,” Loveall said “This season she’s continued to stay consistent, but is going to have some tough competition on Saturday. I think some of the best discus girls are in Class A and she’s definately one of the best, but she’s got to be ready in case anyone above her makes a mistake.”


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