Coach Justin Miller

Coach Justin Miller

Spending a year in the private school sector was enough for Coach Justin Miller to realize he wanted to go back to his roots and was hired as the new boys basketball coach at Bray-Doyle High School.

Before heading to the private school, Miller was the head boys basketball coach at Rush Springs High School for several years and grew up always wanting to be a part of a small school atmosphere.

Miller, hired in late May, is still transitioning to the district and hasn’t met the team, but he knows that the fit at Bray-Doyle will be a good one and is excited to be joining the program.

“I’m a public school guy and I’m a small school guy and that is what intrigues me the most is getting back to where my roots were which is small school, Class A Basketball,” Miller said. “That is what I like and love … I was excited when I saw the job and I was like hey there is a small school job. I grew up in Fort Cobb and I don’t want to coach anywhere but in small schools. I believe you get a better education in smaller schools while you can bond with the kids in small schools. You can also impact the kids better in a small school and to me that is the lifeblood of Oklahoma is small school Oklahoma.”

Another reason Miller made the choice was during the interview process he was intrigued by the school giving him a chance to run the junior high and high school teams at Bray-Doyle.

“I would rather have a younger team than a loaded upper class because typically the younger they are they buy into your program better,” Miller said. “They are not set in their ways so you can get them to where you want them to be and you can develop a program that way. I’m a firm believer that your program doesn’t start from the older ones down it starts from the younger ones and up. That is how you develop a program and I’m excited about that and like starting kids off young and teaching them the right way to play basketball.”

The first chance that Miller will get to meet with his team is at a team camp from June 24-26th. He said that camps are a good way to learn more about the individual player to see what he will have in the fall.

“Camps in the summertime is where you develop your individual skill and that is where you evaluate your kids while working on the little things,” Miller said. “To me it is more individual base and the individual player figuring out what they need to work on over the summer. Once you get into season you start working on more of the team aspect.”

Miller said he is ready to get going and meet his players while teaching some of the big lessons that they will use later in life.

“I’m excited and ready to develop a program there and get these kids to get the love of the game just like I do,” Miller said. “I think that is one of the things kids lack now is they don’t have a love for the game and to me it is more than a game because you can teach so many life lessons. As a coach, we can impact a child so much more than an every day average person because you are with these kids all the time. It is truly why I believe that I do what I do and that is why God put me on this earth is to impact kids and teach them life lessons that will benefit them later in life when they become adults.”