Abe Raizen Field

Abe Raizen Park is where the local Duncan Youth Baseball Club (DYBC) games are played and the board is asking for help to organize the upcoming fall season for DYBC.

Affectionally known as America’s past time, baseball has been a sport that many kids over the years have played. The Duncan Youth Baseball Club (DYBC) is asking for volunteers to help lead the league with fresh ideas.

Currently, the board for Duncan Youth Baseball Club comprises of two gentleman who are in charge of the operations, but they are trying to move on and hand the reigns over to a new group.

Duncan Youth Baseball Club current president Justin Harty said one of the main reasons he and his fellow board member are wanting to move on is their kids are not involved with the sport.

“One of the main reasons is our kids are no longer involved in baseball and we would rather see somebody who has kids involved in the league rather than just two guys who are just trying to keep it a float,” Harty said. “Sometimes you need new ideology coming through and maybe we are not putting enough effort into it to make it be as productive as it should be. We don’t really have a dog in the fight.”

Fall Leagues have not been set up at this current time according to the update posted by the DYBC and Harty stated they are trying to find someone to volunteer by July 24.

There is a possibility that if no one has come to either Harty or his partner they may turn everything in, which means there might not be a league for the fall in Duncan.

Over the years, Harty has been trying everything he knows to get people involved in helping run the league and he said he is open to anything to make sure baseball is played in Duncan.

“It always has been an option and we have always wanted somebody to come in and say ‘hey this is how we have run it’ and come in and say maybe there is a better way to run it,” Harty said. “We have always wanted somebody to come in and try it out to see, but we have had maybe one or two do that and they were kind of like this is not for me. What we are looking for is somebody like me and Jake, we have done this by ourselves for the last couple of years and with only two people it is really time consuming.”

Harty said in an ideal world the board could have 4-6 people involved and delegation of responsibilities is something they would consider, but the amount of people has never been there.

While Harty has spent a lot of time running the league and being involved out in the fields, he believes that if they had a bigger board involved the time constraints could be smaller.

“I was the type of person that I wanted to make sure everything was going right because my name was associated with the league, so I spent a lot more time than I should have, but it is not a requirement to be out there every time that they played, it was just the way I approach it,” Harty said. “It would be awesome if we could find people like that, but this day in age you can’t, so if you can get five or six guys to say okay I will take care of concession and I will take care of the fields and I will take care of registration and I will take care of this your time out there would be limited.”

Harty said he doesn’t want it to come to not having a fall league and said if they find the right group of people they won’t just go away and will be there if the new group has questions.

“It is not like we are going to say ‘hey here is the keys and have a great season.’ I think me and Jake are willing to help with anything behind the scenes,” Harty said. “We wouldn’t be involved, but we would help with how we did it and what we have used and tell them this is how we did things. We are not ready to throw away the keys and say you guys have it. We are willing to help, but we just want to make sure the kids have a place to play baseball.”

If interested in helping and be on the board, members of the community can call Harty at 580-656-0642 or Jake at 580-467-7028 to talk about getting involved.