Cycle riders off

Riders start the 2019 Dehydrator race. The 2020 ride canceled because of concerns of planning, but will look to return in 2021.

After much deliberation and consideration, the group behind the annual Dehydrator Race has decided to cancel the 2020 ride due to concerns regarding the event planning and restrictions.

Brian Hibbard, organizer for the event for the second year in a row, and the committee of Duncan Band Boosters made the decision based off information and surveying recent riders.

“All things considered with good points on both sides of the issue I think ultimately what works out best and safest for everyone — we are just going end up canceling it this year,” Hibbard said. “That way we can focus on even bigger and better for 2021 being the ultimate goal. It just became where there was not going to be a way to keep everyone safe. We weren’t sure if we were going to still have volunteers, donations or all that kind of stuff.”

Hibbard said they considered the wellbeing of financial accounts for the band program and the booster accounts in the decision process. Without this event, it’ll be tight.

“We had band directors involved in the meetings and everything and kind of got their take on it and we still have enough in the band booster funds and the Dehydrator funding that it will be tight,” Hibbard said. “They are going to cut out some things and make some adjustments for next year but we should be able to help them out and everything will still be good as far as that goes.”

While the bike ride may not happen this year, Hibbard said a special t-shirt was designed for this year’s Dehydrator since it was supposed to be the 30th ride.

“It is a one year only special COVID-19 design for The Dehydrator this year,” Hibbard said. “It is for those who still want to help with the band program and help support The Dehydrator.”

Patrons can go to the bike registration website and look for The Dehydrator event, buy the t-shirt and it will ship out to support the Duncan Public Schools band program.

While the annual event usually always takes place the last Saturday in July, the 2021 event will be recognized as the 30th anniversary ride even though it will be in their 31st year of the event.

Hibbard said they will work with corporate sponsorships and contacted them to see if they still want to support the program and will fulfill all sponsorship requirements through different avenues.

With the planning underway for the 2021 event, Hibbard said he would like to thank everyone who supported their decision this year.

“Just because we weren’t able to make it happen this year, all things considered, be sure to look for us next year,” Hibbard said. “We are go to come back bigger and better — it still might not be technically our 30th year but it will be our 30th ride, so we are going to make a good time of it next year.”

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