Powerhouse- Moy

Powerhouse Baseball Academy 13U team coached by Regulo Moy won the USSSA 13U AAA State Championship winning 12-5 in the title game.

Powerhouse Academy Baseball’s 13U team coached by Regulo Moy took home the AAA State Championship a couple of weekends ago and also takes home the Xpress Wellness Team of the Week Award.

Going a perfect 4-0 on the weekend, the team won two close games, winning 7-5 and 5-3 to head to the semi-finals then winning 13-5 and completing the title with the 12-5 victory.

In the championship game, Powerhouse got multiple hits and started the title game with a 9-3 lead after one inning of play.

Adding three more runs to win the game in a run-rule, Moy said that the team’s hitting came through at the right time and was happy to see his team win the title.

“It was a combination of everything with pitching and hitting, especially hitting which came in the clutch at the right time,” Moy said. “That weekend it seemed like everyone was hitting and that was helpful because the weekend before we had trouble hitting in the clutch and when we played we did a lot better hitting wise all around.”

The Spring 2020 season is wrapping up for the team and they have been working together over the last several weeks and won 11 out of their last 12 games. They will play in a tournament in Texas this weekend.

Moy said that even with the season starting a little late due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he said his team has a lot of games left to play and is hoping to finish the season strong.

“We have been able to practice and once we were allowed to get on the field we tried to practice twice a week, but now we are down to one time a week because of how many tournaments over the weekend,” Moy said. “It seems like our chemistry is a lot better too and that is what is helping out and we always make it work. We have different groups and we split them up so they can get more reps in the batting cages but when we get on the field we just bring it together.”

Moy said every one in the team was fired up after winning the title and is hoping to play in two final tournaments to wrap up the spring season.

“This weekend coming up will be the last tournament for this month and then we will play in the World Series in Conway, Arkansas,” Moy said.

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