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In the context of roses and degree of care should they be considered a high-maintenance plant? I do not think so. Roses, like any blooming shrub, do require some maintenance but if carefully selected, their upkeep can be minimal.


The Duncan Public Schools Foundation (DPSF) will soon get their timeline going for the new STEAM Lab/Innovation hub building at the Duncan High School. This will take the old existing art building from damaged and under used, to a place of cutting edge education in Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts) and Math (STEM/STEAM).

Several dozen students of Duncan High School became the first do something never done before — they successfully, or in some cases soggily, traversed the waters of the Simmons Center pool with only cardboard and duct tape boats to see them safely to the other side. 



Red River Technology Center’s Board of Education began their meeting by watching a video about Duncan Middle School’s STEM program and discuss…