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Peace is an elusive feeling, one which is difficult to encounter and even harder to hold on to. Peace enters your life as quietly as the breath of a sleeping baby and leave with gale force winds. When peace leaves, the feelings one is left with are often emptiness, confusion, and at times anger.

Fall is officially here — rain is in the air and the wind has a cold nip. All the signs point to an earlier than normal winter for Southern Oklahoma, one which is wet and cold. Such weather conditions can create havoc for many populations.

The Transcript is running a Thunder evaluation series, publishing one article a day on a different Oklahoma City player. We will start with the guards. Monday’s player is Russell Westbrook.

Whether it’s risking your life, speaking in public or even working with teenagers, lots of things can make a job scary.

An elderly man is dead and his widow also fights for her life after a house fire happened around 2 a.m. Friday in the Central High community.

Marlow law enforcement and emergency services were dispatched to a motor vehicle fire caused by a crash into a creek Saturday morning, claimin…

Duncan Police and emergency services raced to 11th and Cypress Wednesday evening to the scene of a shooting which resulted in the death of an …

Some police raids take considerable planning, and then there are those that officers must act on quickly. That was the case Tuesday when infor…