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State Treasurer Randy McDaniel has announced Oklahoma’s May receipts of $1.1 billion are 10.6 higher than collections from the same month of last year and mark a 26th consecutive month of expansion.

The summer is fast approaching and many teens might be looking for a summer job or even an organization to help which is just the reason Duncan High School is hosting a job fair of sorts. 

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Most people have heard about the “thin red line” and the “thin blue line,” but what about the thinest gold line in the middle? That thin gold line represents those who aren’t ever seen, but are mostly heard. That thin gold line stands for dispatchers, who act as “the golden glue that holds it all together” when it comes to receiving emergency calls and sending out first responders.


In a surprise special meeting for the Duncan Public Schools (DPS) Board of Eduction on Wednesday night and according to the posted agenda, the…