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A new Oklahoma law which will take effect Nov. 1 is set to help women in the state become better informed on a condition which could make breast cancer difficult to detect.

Many people who get addicted to opioids suffer from chronic pain, and the cause of that pain may be the reason some were prescribed opioids. One way to help treat pain or supplement a pain management treatment is with yoga and exercise.

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COMANCHE — During the City Manager comments during the city’s council meeting, Chuck Ralls was finally able to tell a secret he has kept for a…

The Velma-Alma High School held their spring awards assembly on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 in the school auditorium. Students were welcomed by Mr. Jerry Garrett, high school principal.

This week has been a whirlwind of activity at the Capitol. Not too long ago, all of the bills the Senate passed were sent to the House, and all the bills the House passed were sent to the Senate. This week marked the deadline for those bills to be passed out of the opposite legislative chamber.


Disasters can alter a family’s normal routine with little warning. Neighborhood streets can be closed because of large debris or downed power lines. Suddenly, an area that is a familiar part of a normal daily routine is now unrecognizable. In times like this, it is crucial for a family to have a plan to reunite and meet at a safe location.

Rep. Marcus McEntire, R-Duncan, received recognition from Oklahoma Association of Nurse Anesthetists (OANA) at the end of March when the organization named McEntire their “Legislator of the Year.”