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Duncan law enforcement issued another warrant for a different suspect allegedly responsible for a stabbing dating back to December. The victim sustained an injury to the left side below the armpit. The wound was about one and a half centimeters in width and took 14 stitches.

Earl Oswalt, a Stillwater man accused of killing Chelsey Chaffin and throwing her body in the Cimarron River, was officially charged Thursday in Payne County with one count of murder in the second degree. Alternatively, the charge is also listed as first-degree manslaughter under Oklahoma law but carries the same penalty.

WNV is spread when infected mosquitoes feed on infected birds and transmit the virus when biting humans, horses and some other mammals. Health officials expect the number of cases to increase as the temperatures rise throughout the summer.

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Despite my technological savvy when it comes to newspaper production, I sometimes have trouble with simple contraptions that a 5-year-old child can master. I've considered that this selective incompetence could be a divinely inspired lesson. From time to time, I get to thinking I'm pretty smart, and that I can meet any challenge head-on. When that attitude manifests, an eventual smack with the humility stick is inevitable.

People ask me for advice all the time. I don't know whether it's because I have a wise look, or my advancing age promotes assumptions about wisdom. I suspect the latter, but in any case, I usually have two pieces of advice, depending on who's asking.