The film “Back to Eden” was recently shown at the Palace Theatre. The response was quite good and many people that weren’t able to attend have expressed an interest in seeing it.  Luckily you can go online to and see the film for free in its entirety. Its 103 minutes long and it will inspire you to try wood chip mulching. The main reason the film is so important is because of water conservation and how the methods shown keeps the soil from drying out.  Supplemental watering is drastically reduced. The film introduces you to ways of organic gardening that can be beneficial to your vegetable gardens as well as your flowers and landscape plants. The more we learn about sustainable methods of preserving the health of our soil, as well as water conservation, the better off we’ll be. Take time to see this valuable, award winning documentary.

Crapemyrtles will not start to show any buds until sometime in April. They are one of the plants that take the longest to bud out in the spring. Many people assume the plant is dead, when in fact they are not. Just give them time. When they do bud out, that’s the one and only time to fertilize them. A good shrub and tree fertilizer will work; they are all high in nitrogen which is what the plant needs. As people gravitate toward wood chip mulching, it might not be necessary to give them as much fertilizer.  

If you want to enrich your soil, whether for a vegetable garden or shrub and flower bed, try “Back to Nature, Nature’s Blend.”  Its great compost that you put on top of the soil and you can plant directly into it. It is not necessary to till the soil.  In fact, tilling is not recommended anymore.  If you watch “Back to Eden” you’ll see why. During the showing of the film, we met local residents Mike McMullin and his wife Martha and learned that they have spent the last four years using the wood chip method. His testimony alone will convince you of the easier ways of organic gardening shown in the film. We can all learn and benefit from the McMullin’s success with wood chip gardening. It’s great to have them in our community and see firsthand how beneficial this method can be.

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