Simone tried to stay cool with some great Duncan Banner sunglasses on her return visit for Take Out Tuesday a year later.

Each week we normally get a new to us visitor for Take Out Tuesday, but this week we wanted a chance to say hello to a familiar face and let Simone tell about how good of a dog she is.

Simone visited us back in June of 2018 for Take Out Tuesday and then was adopted, but has since been returned to the Stephens County Humane Society (SCHS) and is available to be adopted again.

According to the SCHS, Simone was allegedly dumped in a field but was returned safely to the program.

Now three and half years old, this Pit Bull Terrier mix is looking for a home that has no cats as Simone showed getting out of the SCHS to be a challenge looking at those cats.

While we were able to escape without Simone getting into too much trouble, we went back to a place that she quickly realized was a fun place to hang out and get cheeseburgers.

She remembered very fondly what a cheeseburger was and even looked like she gained a little bit of better table manners since we last saw her.

Simone loved visiting with kids, especially my niece as she remembered Simone and was excited to see her again.

As the dog days of summer got really warm, we decided that we needed to hurry to the Stephens County Courthouse and we made sure to take all grass roads so we didn’t burn her feet.

Simone had no problem following commands and when we couldn’t walk on grass anymore we ran quickly to the next patch of grass to spare her feet from hot pavement.

Upon entering the Courthouse, the deputies immediately recognized Simone and asked if she had been at the SCHS for a whole year.

After telling the deputies that wasn't the case, we headed upstairs to visit with the District Attorney’s office where they too remembered the familiar face and asked why she was back.

The ladies treated Simone like a queen and gave her a lot of treats.

Heading over to the Stephens County Court Clerk’s, the story was a little different as there were some new faces who hadn’t seen Simone before but the ladies who were here last year recognized who it was.

The ladies sure loved seeing this wonderful dog while trying to make suggestions on who should adopt her.

Simone then spent the rest of the afternoon talking with the birthday girl, reporter Linda Provost, in the office and giving some birthday kisses for another year to grow on.

The Stephens County Humane Society would like to find a great home for Simone and she is available for immediate adoption but it is recommended to contact them to set up a visit.

We think she is a great dog and would thrive in a home with no cats and some kids to keep Simone company during the long hot days of summer.

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